Top 4 Affordable Chain-Hotels in Istanbul Turkey

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Chain-hotels are hotels that are part of a group of other hotels which are being operated by the same company/owner. Turkey has a lot of these chain hotels because, Turkey is home to a lot of textiles and building materials as well as interior decoration materials thus, attracting business people every year to Turkey especially Istanbul thus, in order to accommodate visitors/tourists, Istanbul has built and still building amazing hotels especially chain-hotels.

Here is a list of few easy access and affordable chain-hotels in Istanbul that guarantees comfort and gratification.

Elite World Business Hotel

Location: Gültepe, Şht. Zafer Kızıltaş Sk. No:1, 34295 Küçükçekmece, Istanbul

The Elite World Business hotel is very close to the major road which is a great advantage because, guests can move around using the city metro-bus, taxi or the hotel service bus. The hotel price per night ranges from 50 euros to 80 Euros and customers can select from a wide range of room options (Twin-bed room, Double-bed room, Deluxe room, Suite and King Suite room) depending on their budget.

Facilities at the hotel includes free WiFi, Gym & Spa, dining hall, restaurant, Meetings and event hall (for organizing business meetings and other social events).

the Elite World Hotel is a chain-hotel meaning that, the hotel has other branches, a total number of 7 (Elite World Sapanca, Elite World Van, Elite World Marmaris, Elite world Prestige, Elite World Asia, Elite World Europe and Elite World Business) in Istanbul in which the prices might differs.

The Double-tree by Hilton Istanbul Avcilar

Location: Cihangir, D-100 Güney Yan Yolu No:289, 34310 Avcılar, Istanbul

The Double-tree by Hilton is an amazing hotel with unique architecture. Locate between the international exhibition centers Tüyap Ataturk Airport, the hotel has about 231 rooms with 150 standard, 59 deluxe, 15 premium, 7 suites with lake, sea and city views. Facilities at the hotel includes, free WiFi, Car park, Gym and Spa Center, meeting and other even hall and a dining room.

The Double-tree by Hilton has other of its hotel branches scattered in different locations in Istanbul and they are; Doubletree by Hilton Istanbul Topkapi, Double-tree by Hilton Istanbul Moda, Doubletree by Hilton Istanbul Piyalepasa, Doubletree by Hilton Istanbul Avcilar, Double-tree by Hilton Istanbul Sirkeci, Double-tree by Hilton Istanbul Esentepe, and Double-tree by Hilton Istanbul Tuzla. The price per room may differ but it ranges from 45 Euro – 90 Euros.

The Radisson Blue Hotel Ottomare

Location: Kazlıçeşme, Abay Cd. No: 223, 34020 Zeytinburnu, Istanbul.

If you like the sea view or you are among those that like to wake up to the amazing glitter of the sea on sun-set then the Radisson Blue Hotel Ottomare is the best hotel for you. the hotel facility includes, free WiFi, Car park, Gym and Spa Center, meeting and other even hall and a dining room. The hotel has both indoor and outdoor swimming pool for swimming and relaxation at all times.

Like the Elite World and the Double-tree by Hilton, the Radisson Blue hotel is also a chain-hotel scattered in Istanbul. These ranges from the Radisson Blue hotel located in Sisli, to Radisson Blue hotel Pera, Radisson Blue Bosphorus hotel, Radisson Blue hotel Tuzla, Radisson Blue hotel Vadistanbul, Radisson Blue hotel Istanbul Asia, and Radisson Blue hotel Batisehir.

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