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4 Popular Foods to try in Dubai

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Dubai is home to tourism and hospitality thus, the city is always giving visitors reasons to come back for more. One of the enticing experiences you can have in Dubai is the taste of the different delicacies. With such focus on hospitality and tourism, you can never get tired from having a taste of the different delicacy derived from the various cultures.

Al Machboos with spiced chicken (yummy)

Origin: Bahrain

Chicken Machboos, or Machboos ala Dajaj is a delicious food that is very famous in Dubai. The food is simply cooked with a combination of spiced chicken and rice which can be eaten with salad and raita. Despite being a famous meal in Dubai, it will surprise you that, the meal actually originated from Bahrain, a country in the Persian Gulf.  This delicacy contains Chicken, rice, onions, spices, salt, butter, turmeric, cooking oil, chili pepper, ginger, and dried lemon.


Origin: Yemen

The Mandi is another famous delicacy in Dubai that is a must try for visitors. Like the Machboos, the Mandi is also a combination of rice and meat/chicken that can be eaten with salads alongside juice. However, the Mandi’s method of preparation as well as some of the spices is different. The Mandi is made using chicken (usually roasted), rice, onions, tomatoes, green chili, cooking oil, salt, food color, lemon juice, nutmeg, turmeric, and spice.

Shish Tawook (a must try)

Origin: Dubai

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The Shish Tawook is a very popular meal in Dubai not because it is a Dubai traditional delicacy but because of the amazing taste and because it is easy to cook (doesn’t take too much time) and is not costly. The Shish can be served and eaten with bread, salad and lemon or lemon juice. The shish can be made using chicken or meat soaked in spice and grilled.

The Famous Chelo Kebab

For those who love onions and vegs you can definitely go for the Chelo Kebab. The Chelo Kebab is a combination of meatballs, basmati rice, butter rice or any other, garnished with onions, roasted tomatoes and mint. If you plan to eat this meal, you might want to have a mint chewing-gum close by because of the smell of the onions which usually last almost all day in someone’s mouth.  

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