5 Popular Foods you should try in Nigeria

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Are you in Nigeria or planning on visiting Nigeria but have no clue of what meals to try on? here are some sweet flavored Nigerian delicacy that will make you come back for more.

Nigeria is an independent country in West Africa. The country is famous for its diverse cultures, natural resources and fast-growing population. Nigeria is in fact, the most populous country in all of African countries. With a population of over 200 million people, you can be rest assured that, you can never get tired from having a taste of the different delicacy derived from the various cultures.

1) Jollof Rice/Nigerian Jollof Rice 

This delicacy right here is called Jollof Rice, the Nigerian Jollof Rice to be precise. it is called the Nigerian Jollof because, Jollof Rice is also found in Ghana (Ghana Jollof Rice), in Cameroon, in Togo, Congo etc. Each of the country’s Jollof Rice is different from each other via the ingredients and in the ways/method in which they are prepared.

If you are interested in the Nigerian Jollof Rice, you have to be specific but of course, if you are in Nigeria you can be rest assured that, in restaurants, parties, meetings and events what you will find is the Nigerian Jollof rice.

The Nigerian Jollof Rice is made using the following ingredients. Rice grains, fresh tomatoes/tomato paste, Bell peppers, scotch bonnet pepper, onions, ginger, garlic, salt, bay leaves (optional), chicken or meat, thyme, crayfish, curry powder, black pepper or Magi, and cooking oil or butter.

The meal can be eaten alongside with cream or plain salad, fried plantain, and fresh juice or water if you like.

2) Fried Rice/Nigerian Fried Rice

This right here is called the Nigerian Fried Rice. Other country’s meal can look like this but guarantee they won’t taste the same.  Also, the Nigerian Fried Rice is different from the Nigerian Jollof rice in so many ways. The method of preparation and the ingredients even the final taste and aroma are different.

The Fried rice is prepared using the following ingredients:

Rice grains, chicken/meat, beef liver, onions, scallions (Green Onions), curry powder, thyme, salt, magi, mixed vegetables (such as Carrots, sweet corn, sweet Peas, Green Beans, broccoli), crayfish, and cooking oil or butter.

The Fried Rice can be eaten with salad, eggs, fried plantain, fried chicken, and juice or water.

3) The Precious Akara & Akamu

Akara, called Beans-buns in English while Akamu aka, Pap is referred to as cereal pudding in English.

The both food combination is very famous in Nigeria due to the fact that, the Beans-buns (Akara) which is made from Beans contains protein and together with the cereal pudding (Akamu) which is made from Maize or millet contains vitamin B and C are both considered a very important meal for the human body. Also, Akara and Akamu are very affordable, easy to find anywhere in Nigeria (in both the rural and urban area). Akamu is easy to make and can be eaten mainly for breakfast.

Akamu can be eaten with milk and sugar/honey. While Akara can be eaten with hot fried pepper or dried pepper if you like.

4) Pounded Yam and Afang Soup

Pounded Yam and Afang Soup

This delicacy right here is a combination of Pounded yam and a soup called the Afang soup. The pounded Yam is made from Yam, a source of fiber which is rich in Potassium and Manganese. The Afang soup on the other hand contain some important ingredients such as waterleaf, Ukazi leaf (called Wild Spinach in English), periwinkles which are all good for increasing blood circulation, and supports metabolism.

Other ingredients for the Afang Soup include Meat/chicken, palm oil, Stock-fish, dried fish, crayfish, Snail, scotch bonnet pepper, magi, onions, garlic, and ginger.

Pounded Yam especially is very famous in Nigeria because of its amazing taste and for the fact that, the Pounded Yam can be served with a variety of Nigerian Soups such as the famous Ogbono soup, Vegetable soup, Egusi soup, Okra soup etc.

5) The Nigerian Suya

The Nigerian Suya aka the life of the party is the most famous party delicacy in Nigeria. Suya although commonly eaten at nights is a meal that is present in almost all the party events in Nigeria. Suya is a spicy snack made with either meat or fish. The meat or fish is dressed with spices such as a mixed ginger, garlic, dried pepper, dried onions and black pepper or magi and then barbequed on a skewer.

If you are in Nigeria and you just want to eat Suya then it is likely to find Suya at the nigh time usually at the Suya Joints or by the road side or even in restaurants.

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