Top Sophisticated Hotels in Dubai that define luxury & class

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The United Arab Emirate (UAE) after diversifying its economy has been profiting both from petroleum & gas resources as well as tourism and foreign investments. Dubai which is considered the second wealthiest Emirate in the UAE after Abu Dhabi (the capital) has been equipped to meet the modern needs and taste of tourism. The city has lot of infrastructures that provides extraordinary experiences to tourists and business visit which includes supplicated hotels that define luxury and class.

The Address Downtown Hotel

Location: Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd, Dubai

The Address Downtown Hotel is situated in the second tallest building in the very center of Dubai. This location is one of the major advantages of the hotel because, it provides tourists with easy access to most of the Dubai’s best attractions such as the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Fountain, Dubai Aquarium and close distance to other places in Dubai.

The hotel offers several room options to meet visitors needs depending on their budget. Visitors can choose between he Signature Spa Suit Fountain view, Studio Residence, One Bedroom Residence City view, One Bedroom Residence Burj view, Two Bedroom Residence view, Deluxe, Premier, and Club Rooms which provides a luxurious accommodation together with the exciting view of Dubai.

The Burj Al Arab Hotel

Location: Jumeirah St, Dubai

If you want to experience luxury then Burj Al Arab in Dubai is the right place for you. The hotel has a lot of features and amenities that you won’t find in other hotels in Dubai and probably in the world.

The Burj Al Arab hotel due to its architectural innovations (including the man-made beach and infinity pool terrace at 180 meters high), a helicopter landing spot, exquisite dining hall, and spectacular spa, is regarded as “a global icon of Arabian luxury.”

The hotel has been designed in an exclusive modern design for business, family, lovers vacation including exclusive meetings and wedding events. The Helicopter landing spot can also be used as a romantic spot for weddings or wedding proposers depending on what kind of romantic and memorable experience you want to have.

The Palace Downtown Hotel

Location: Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd, Dubai

The Palace Downtown Hotel also have a location advantage by been close to Dubai’s best attractions especially the Dubai Fountain and the Lake surrounding the Burj Khalifa. The hotel design is built to provide visitors with the taste of the Arabian royalty. There are different room options to choose from depending on the budget but the real taste of luxury comes with the Imperial Suite which is about “500 square meters of decadence”

The Atlantis Hotel at The Palm

Location: Crescent Rd, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

the Palm is Dubai’s first man-made island. The hotel is famous for hosting several celebrities and stars such as Kim Kardashian, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Theron and others. The hotel’s target is to give visitors a taste of luxury in all of its glory. Everything about this hotel is luxury, classy, royalty, supplicated and breathtaking.

From the Signature Suites which has a bedroom view of an aquarium filled with about 65,000 marine animals whereby you just sit in your room and all time, watch the marine animals swim around in a beautiful and colorful aquarium to the day to night fun with different kinds of events and fun activities to engage in. Every guest has their own personal chef at their disposer 24/7.

With the right kind of budget (having the money to spend), a visit to any of these hotels guarantee a life-time experience of luxury and class. Don’t forget to take photos because photos are the proof for such kind of moments and memories.

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