iHeartRadio Expands Automotive Availability

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Today Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio is expanding its availability in the automotive realm. The company, which offers streaming internet radio to over 40 million registered users, is pushing into new territories by integrating with Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo, and Kia automobiles.

As it stands, iHeartRadio is already available in various Chrysler, Ford, GM, Lexus, Lincoln, Nissan and Toyota vehicles.

But that’s not all.

iHeartRadio has also announced a partnership with Bosch SoftTec, a platform provider for car OEMs building out infotainment systems. This way, iHeart will reach wherever Bosch SoftTec does.Here’s what Clear Channel President of Digital Brian Lakamp had to say about it:

Radio is the original mobile, in-car entertainment feature. With the new advancements in automotive infotainment systems, Clear Channel is able to extend the reach of our radio stations to even more listeners. We’re extremely pleased to work with Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo and Kia to bring iHeartRadio to their dashboards, as well as be available in BOSCH’s deeper extension into consumer-facing functionality — providing even more listeners with the products and services they expect no matter where they are – and no matter where they drive.

According to the release, the new iHeartRadio car apps are focused on minimalism, keeping the driver safely on the road and focused on driving while still enjoying all the music or talk radio they want.

Speaking of, iHeart recently introduced talk radio to iHeartRadio’s catalog, letting a number of big name brands host live radio shows which can be saved for later listening. The platform is also introducing a way for everyday users to record podcasts/radio shows.

There’s no clear word on availability when it comes to the new in-car apps, but the press release promises 2014.

Source: Techcrunch

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