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Dear Readers, this might be my last post of the year 2012, I wish you all a MERRY XMAS and GLORIOUS NEW YEARthis year I want to make sure that you cross over to the new year on the high.
Google+ Gadget: Introduction:Connecting your blog to Google+ is a great way to attract new readers, as well as build lasting relationships with your followers. For example, you can easily share your posts in the Google+ stream, as well as enable blog visitors to recommend your stuff in a single click. Today we’re excited to offer another Google+ perk: the followers gadget.

The Google+ followers gadget highlights your total Google+ audience (both its size and some friendly faces), and offers visitors the chance to follow you

on Google+. As a result, you can grow your
readership across the web, and reach them either in the Google+ stream, or through your blog.

Adding the google plus gadget in your blog

  1. Login to your blogger account  
  1. Goto LAYOUT
  1. Add new gadgets
  1. Select  Google+ followers gadget
  1. Click done!

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