Nintendo Switch 2: Features, Release Date, and Everything We Know

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Ready for the next big thing from Nintendo? The wildly popular Nintendo Switch successor might be closer than we think. While we’re still awaiting an official announcement, Nintendo’s president Shuntaro Furukawa hinted that an announcement about Nintendo Switch 2 is expected this year.

Although some were expecting a reveal in June, sources like Nikkei report that the Nintendo Switch 2 launch has been pushed to March 2025. This delay is reported to ensure a strong launch lineup and avoid stock shortages just like what happened with the PS5 Slim.

Features We’d Love to See

  1. Improved Joy-Cons: Enhanced ergonomics, less stick drift, and analog triggers.
  2. Battery Life: A bigger battery for longer play sessions, handy for travel.
  3. Wi-Fi Connectivity: Better Wi-Fi for faster downloads and smoother game streaming.

Nintendo has a history of either building on the strengths of its existing consoles or innovating in completely new ways. Given this, we’re anticipating that the next console will be an upgraded version of the Switch, though it could come with a new name.

We’re hoping for enhanced power, an OLED display standard, and 4K output to match up with the best TVs on the market. Nintendo plans to produce enough consoles to meet demand. Rumors suggest an 8-inch screen and backward compatibility with existing games and Joy-Con controllers.

Specs and Hardware

We’re expecting the Switch 2 to feature an Nvidia system-on-a-chip, possibly a custom chipset to maximize performance. While AMD advancements make it a contender, Nvidia seems to be the likely choice. Despite earlier rumors about a Samsung 5-nanometer chip, it’s more probable that an Nvidia chip will power the new console.

A leaked spec sheet suggests an eight-core Cortex-A78AE processor, 10 streaming multiprocessors, 8GB of RAM, and 64GB of eMMC storage—an upgrade, but not on par with PS5 or Xbox Series X.

There’s also speculation about a co-processor chip in the dock to boost power and video output when connected to a 4K TV. Onboard storage could jump to 512GB, a significant upgrade from the current Switch models.

Display Technology

We’re hoping for an OLED panel, possibly with a 120Hz refresh rate, though rumors indicate that Sharp might be developing an LCD for the Switch 2 to cut production costs. Mobapad, a third-party controller maker, claims the Switch 2 will sport an 8-inch, 1080p display.

Games and Backward Compatibility

A new Mario game and a Mario Kart title, rumored to be the most expensive game Nintendo has ever produced, are expected for the Switch 2. Final Fantasy 7 Remake might showcase the new console’s power. Additionally, a Bayonetta Trilogy with enhanced visuals is rumored to be in the works.

However, there’s some concern about backward compatibility. While some rumors suggest older games and Joy-Cons will work with the Switch 2, others are less optimistic. We’re hoping Nintendo ensures backward compatibility, as it’s a significant feature for many gamers.

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