Alternatives To Reddit: 8 Apps and Sites Like Reddit

Sites Like Reddit: 8 Alternatives To Reddit
Sites Like Reddit: 8 Alternatives To Reddit

Recently, Reddit has been encountering some issues that have affected it negatively and led to numerous subreddits going offline. Many Redditors might have noticed that the platform is strangely devoid of activity compared to its usual engagement. The reason behind these problems is not entirely apparent, but it seems that a protest is currently underway against Reddit’s recent announcement. Here are a few of the details we know so far about the situation. Along with alternatives to Reddit for those who plan to ditch it permanently.

One of the problems stems from recent changes made to Reddit’s business model. Particularly the announcement about charging companies for accessing its content through an API (Application Programming Interface). How much is Reddit charging for their API? $0.24 per 1000 API calls. And this will amount to $1.00 for each user monthly.

But why is Reddit charging for API?. This decision came after generative AI companies like OpenAI utilized Reddit’s extensive supply of information on their database to train their AI chatbots at no cost. Now, Reddit seeks to monetize the well of information most tech companies have access to on their platform.

8 Sites Like Reddit

 alternatives to Reddit

Currently, among the top 6 most visited websites, Reddit is a hub where you can find discussions and information on virtually any topic imaginable. From the latest news and trends to niche interests like gaming and technology. The good thing about Reddit is the genuine commitment and passion of its users. They care about their respective communities and actively support and defend them. Unlike other platforms where personal profit often takes precedence, Redditors are all about encouraging meaningful discussions on a wide range of topics.

The concern now is that the recent changes to the platform’s business model may jeopardize what has made Reddit this special. Although like the internet, Reddit is not immune to negativity and toxicity. Most people thrive on creating chaos and disrupting discussions by posting provocative or offensive content. Their behavior often leads to harassment and makes the platform less enjoyable for other users.

However, Reddit has succeeded as a platform where users can come together to discuss various topics. A few of the protesting subreddits have returned online, while others haven’t—and the communities still remain dark. The consequences of these recent events are uncertain for Reddit’s future.

If you’ve grown tired of Reddit’s current situation, it’s understandable to start looking for alternatives. Fortunately, there are several other similar sites like Reddit and that’s where our list comes in. We’ve scoured the web to find the sites like Reddit, especially for those who are unable to access their favorite subreddits or are just disappointed with Reddit altogether.


One of the top alternatives to Reddit is Discord. Many Redditors have found consolation in Discord, especially gamers. Discord is basically used by gamers for in-game communication. It allows friends to chat through voice, video, or text and join servers where game communities, and developers gather to have game discussions. Discord servers have channels for communication, and the video chat feature is a very good alternative to most communication platforms. While gaming is its main focus, Discord also offers features for several other online communities.

To join Discord, there’s an option to either install it on a browser or download the free app. And after joining a server, users can search, accept an invite, or create their own. Users can also customize server notifications and have different aliases for each of the servers.


Digg is another site that is quite similar to Reddit. Those who rely on Reddit to discover interesting and trending topics all over the net can equally find them on this news platform. Digg works by letting users share links to different websites and discover the latest news and content. While it’s not as focused on discussions as Reddit, it serves as a viable alternative for those who just want a similar platform for information gathering.


Although relatively new and small, Beehaw closely resembles Reddit in terms of its interface and layout. It is another of the best alternatives to Reddit is Beehaw.It lacks some of the on-screen features that Reddit has accumulated over nearly two decades of operation, but it’s still worth using as a replacement. Beehaw is committed to avoiding trolling and spammy posts that can be found on other platforms. Beehaw communities cover a wide range of interests, including science, race, literature, and home goods, ensuring you’ll find something that piques your curiosity.


Bluesky is a great alternative that can replace both Reddit and apps like Twitter in one app. However, it’s not currently open to the public, and users will need an invitation from an existing user or join the waiting list. Bluesky resembles Twitter in its micro-blogging structure. It allows users to post, share, like, and follow other users.


If you’re looking for versatile news alternatives to Reddit, Slashdot is an ideal choice. Slashdot not only focuses on tech news but also offers forums for science and entertainment. Just like Reddit, each post on Slashdot comes with comments and conversations. And allows users to discuss and engage with the news of the day. Also, Slashdot provides a job board for tech jobs, a space for science professionals, and a software download library for all platforms.

Digital marketers can also take advantage of the Slashdot community by advertising their products and services in comment sections during relevant discussions. And by asking questions, conducting polls, hosting live chats, or connecting with an audience that shares a strong passion for technology.

Hacker News

For those who primarily use Reddit to stay updated on technology news and activities, Hacker News is one of the perfect alternatives to Reddit. It has a list of trending information on cybersecurity, hacking, and security insights for professionals. Alongside other intellectual communities where people can teach and learn about all kinds of topics.


9Gag is another alternative platform to Reddit where users can have meaningful conversations and share funny content across various categories. Although it may not directly compete with Reddit, 9Gag has indeed become the go-to site for humorous content. Over time, it has developed into a successful online community, filled with different kinds of people with a great sense of humor. Users not only share funny memes but also valuable and thought-provoking content that sparks engaging conversations in the comments.


Although it’s not new, Quora is one great place to fall back on for fans of Reddit forums. It gained popularity as a hub for intelligent conversations that comes from simple inquiries. On Quora, users can ask questions and receive answers from fellow Quora users who have insights or knowledge on the subjects. Users have the option to continue making these inquiries and have them answered by experts. Or share their own knowledge by providing the answers.

When users select the topics they’re interested in, they’ll receive a stream of related questions and queries. They can choose to answer as many as they’d like. The more users engage by answering questions, the more they build their reputation as an expert within the community. Also, they can follow other experts and have people follow them back. Quora provides more than a lively community where you can have intelligent and meaningful discussions.

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