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The Most Expensive Video Games in 2013

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The saga of 2013 has long been kept in check. Earlier before now, we considered 20 PC games that rocked in 2013, various WordPress plugins and the themes we loved in 2013. Generally we, had an amazing year in 2013 and a good start to a new year but before the month finally round up, I’m going to take a final look at the constituent of the amazing year we had.
2013 saw the arrival of GTA V, the single most expensive video game in the history of gaming, competing neck to neck with only the highest budget film till date, the Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

The GTA franchisee has held records of being the highest budget games twice in the last 5 years holding the first and second positions with GTA V in 2013 and GTA IV in 2008 respectively.Yet, as the highest grossing game ever, GTA IV falls in the fourth position grossing in $1.35 billion with the scales being tipped over by World of Warcraft, grossing in a  whopping $10 billion in sales

Below is a detailed infographics by Graphs.net that will show us which of this games made the list.

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<a href=”https://ewtnet.com/2014/01/the-most-expensive-video-games-in-2013.html” title=”The Most Expensive Video Games in 2013 – Infographic”><img src=”https://googledrive.com/host/0B1AElyKV1YCfSW9jMHJQR1JwcEE” alt=”The Most Expensive Video Games in 2013 Infographic” title=”The Most Expensive Video Games in 2013 – Infographic” width=”” height=”” /></a><br /><a href=”https://ewtnet.com/2014/01/the-most-expensive-video-games-in-2013.html”>The Most Expensive Video Games in 2013 – Infographic</a>
Image credit: Graphs.net

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