Gjemeni Dual USB Port means you can now Charge your Devices from the Comfort of your Couch

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In this era of mobile and internet devices, there is always something to charge and having that extra USB charging port everywhere you go can make such a massive difference. This is why Kingsonsmaking digital laptop bags with USB charging port—and Gjemeni has taken to put those vital utilities exactly where you need them.

I mean, what better way to charge your device than the comfort of your couch while watching a TV show and replying your WhatsApp messages?

Gjemeni offers decidedly tech-forward furniture that comes in a single box and can be assembled by anyone in a few minute. It is simple, stylish and innovative.

Gjemeni couch comes with two USB charging ports and one 110-volt grounded AC outlet on each side of its backrest. These ports make it easier for you to charge your phones, laptops, speaker without having to get up and do them.

There’s one 110-volt AC outlet and two 1.5-amp USB charging ports on each side of he couch’s backrest.

The couch is priced at $599. You will need to plug a single cord into a grounded outlet on an adjacent wall to power everything. Gjemeni couch is flexible, durable, and comfortable. It can be used as bed as well.

Accord to Gjemeni, to set up, no tools required. Just four clicks and a flip and your Gjemeni will be ready. This couch also comes in different colors; black, white and red.

The only downside is that, the USB ports are rated to deliver 1.5 amps of power; as such, they are not capable of fast-charging devices that support that feature.

Some of the advantages of Gjemeni Dual USB Port Couch

  • Well made with a steel frame and layered memory foam
  • Bonded leather is easy to clean
  • Dual back and side adjustments make it very versatile
  • Safely produced AC and USB ports on each side for up to six devices
  • Looks modern and chic

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