Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Qatar for Tourism and Vacation

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Qatar is a rich Arab state occupying a small peninsula extending into the Persian Gulf to the north of Saudi Arabia, east of Bahrain and west of the United Arab Emirates.

It has plenty of attractions that are sure to make your time in Qatar a memorable one.

If you are in Qatar for a holiday, here’s a list of places to visit in Qatar.

Sealine Beach

The Sealine beach is known to be one of the top places to visit in Qatar. This resort is located amidst the dunes of the Arabian desert by the blue waters of the Arabian Sea.

One can go there to relax, sail surfing, horse riding or dune bashing, which remains a popular sport for both Qataris and travelers.

National Museum of Qatar

The National Museum of Qatar is located across from the Corniche in Doha.

The main highlight of the Museum is the display of local history.  Exhibits at this museum also feature artifacts that give an insight on the history of Qatar.

The National Museum Qatar, pulls large masses of tourists that helps to promote tourism in Qatar.

It also showcase the beautiful art and architecture common around the region.

Corniche Qatar

The Doha Corniche is a waterfront promenade extending for seven kilometers along Doha Bay in the capital city of Doha, Qatar.

Annual celebrations of national holidays such as Qatar National Day and National Sports Day are centered on the Doha Corniche. It is a popular place in Doha.

The Corniche has cafes, restaurants, outdoor exercise facilities and a running track. You can choose to go relax, eat or do other fun things.

Souq Waqif

Souq Waqif is a wonderful place to shop and dine. The Souq is within walking distance from Doha Corniche.

The souq is noted for selling traditional garments, spices, handicrafts, and souvenirs. You can also find dozens of restaurants and Shisha lounges there.

The Pearl-Qatar

The Pearl in Doha, is the first land in Qatar to be available for freehold ownership by foreign nationals.

The Pearl offers luxurious living to a multitude of refined tastes.

A self-sustaining real estate development that includes all the amenities and lifestyle privileges any resident or guest could ask for.

The Pearl offers apartments, villas, townhouses, diverse leisure and entertainment facilities, award-winning marinas and beautiful serene beaches.


Aspire park Qatar

Aspire Park is located in Aspire Zone, in the southern district of Al Waab in Doha, Qatar. It covers an area of 88 hectares and it is Doha’s biggest park.

It is a great place to have picnics and family outdoors while overlooking the Aspire Tower, especially at night.

It has wide variety of facilities, which includes smooth paths going in and around the park on which kids can bike and scoot around safely.

It has a lake, two playgrounds, running tracks, open spaces and much more—a perfect place for you to relax. With its three cafés.


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