Discover Which Series Are On Netflix For Valentine’s Day

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Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time to embark on a journey of love, laughter, sizzling romance, and some riveting action!. Grab your better half and a bowl of popcorn because this is going to be a jaw-dropping, roller-coaster ride of emotions. As we find out which series are on Netflix this Valentine’s day.

From heartwarming love stories to hilarious dating mishaps, enjoy a compilation of the best old and new series, movies, and documentaries. Every episode is a blast, every hug is a grand slam, every kiss is searing, and every teary scene is poignant. Don’t we just love ‘love’?.

Discover Which Series Are On Netflix For Valentine's Day

Folks, these are not just any ordinary tales, but exciting trips to the land of love where Cupid works overtime and even Grinches have to smile. So prepare to have your heartstrings pulled, tugged, and strummed like a love-struck guitar. With this list of valentine’s day movies and series.

  1. In Love All Over Again 
  2. Your Place or Mine
  3. Dating #NoFilter
  4. Love to Hate You
  5. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before
  6. Too Hot to Handle: Germany
  7. Love Is Blind

Which Series Are On Netflix This February?

Discover Which Series Are On Netflix For Valentine's Day

In Love All Over Again 

Topping the list is Netflix’s new Spanish romantic comedy series, In Love All Over Again which will hit the screens on February 14. The eight episodes installment follows Irene (Georgina Amorós), a young film student searching for a lead actor for her short film.

Then enters Julio(Franco Masini), a fellow student whom she ends up falling head over heels in love with. They both embark on a rollercoaster relationship that will linger for two decades. This is not your typical love story wherein bar a ton of disappointments, the love birds end up at the altar. This series shows love could be different.

Your Place or Mine

The only movie on this list is Netflix’s 2023 American romantic comedy movie Your Place or Mine. Written and directed by Aline Brosh McKenna.

Debbie and Peter have been friends since 2003 after a one-nighter. Peter is a successful businessman but a defeated fiction writer whose aspirations were crushed. While Debbie is a struggling single mom living in L.A. She is determined to trade apartments for a week with Peter to complete an accounting course in New York. so that she can make ends meet.

Over the week, Peter acts as a father figure to Debbie’s son, Jack in L.A. Debbie on the other hand peruses Peter’s apartment and discovers Peter’s secrets and hidden passions. Although Peter is a thriving businessman with a string of short relationships, they have no secrets and share a close bond. Yet what ensues between the two friends is a dramatic romantic collision.

Dating #NoFilter

An American dating reality Tv show much similar to another Netflix reality show, Perfect Match. Although Dating #NoFilter makes up for what Perfect Match lacks in humor.

This show features a panel of English comedians watching and making witty commentary on footage of blind first dates. The blind dates are fixed by the producers and in each episode, the singles are paired up. Then after they’re sent on blind first dates, a panel of seven comedians separated into three teams sit around a couch amid refreshments and watch the footage of the first dates. Before giving hilarious commentaries.

Love to Hate You

When it comes to love and relationships, fledgling attorney Yeo Mi-Ran and top actor Nam Gang-Ho couldn’t be more the opposite. As a determined lawyer at Gilmu Law Firm specializing in the entertainment industry, Mi-Ran is focused on her career. And has no time for romance.

Meanwhile, Nam is like a cloud of gold dust in the South Korean entertainment industry. The actor is known for his charming looks, intelligence, and personality, but has been burned in the past. So he doesn’t trust women, but Yeo and Nam, who both initially reject the idea of love, find themselves in a love battle. Will they be able to overcome their past experiences and beliefs?.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

If you’re familiar with Jenny Han’s steaming and heartwarming romance books of the same name, then you know the series adaption is even better. With smoking hot characters like Noah Centineo, Lara Condor, etc.

The three seasons romantic comedy Tv series centers on Korean-American high school teenager Lara Jean Covey. Lara Jean writes love letters to boys she has crushes on but keeps them locked away in her closet. One day, her little sister Kitty finds the letters and mails them out, causing Lara Jean to be confronted by all her crushes.

To throw off one of the crushes, Josh, Lara Jean kisses Peter Kavinsky, another one of her crushes. Peter proposes that they fake date to make his ex-girlfriend jealous. Over time, Lara Jean and Peter develop real feelings for each other. When they realize this, they take the relationship more seriously.

Then Lara Jean, her family, and her neighbor visit Seoul for spring break. Where she tries to reconnect with her mother’s memory. By searching for a lock her late mother left on a bridge as a symbol of love for her dad. What follows is a string of breakups and makeups, college application rejections, long-distance relationship concerns, and heartwrenching love.

Too Hot to Handle: Germany

Too Hot to Handle is a new Netflix reality Tv dating contest show hosted by a virtual assistant named Lana. Throughout the eight episodes of the first season, a group of 10 hot, German-speaking fellas who exclusively seek short-lived relationships converges in a house for four weeks.

Unbeknownst to this group of striking German-speaking bachelors, they must take a break from sex or anything sexual to win the grand prize of 200,000 euros. If any of the rules are broken, the prize reduces. Too Hot to Handle: Germany is geared at promoting genuine relationships between the cast members.

Each season starts with 10 new contestants, although subsequent additions are made as the show progresses. Also, competitors who are unable to form real bonds while in the house or unwilling to dedicate themselves to the tasks, processes, etc are sometimes booted out.

Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind is a dating reality Tv series that features 30 single people from the same city searching for love again. The participants are all paired in a speed-dating arrangement but can decide to have longer dates if they want.

The paired couples can equally propose marriage to themselves whenever they want. Although they can only meet up in person after the proposal is accepted. Once engaged, the couples then attend a couples’ retreat, before moving to an apartment complex. Where they spend time getting to know and understand each other. They also plan their weddings and make decisions such as choosing a wedding cake, decorations, venues, etc.

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