Full List Of The Best Netflix Shows Released In February

Full List Of The Best Netflix Shows Released In February

Sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the diverse world of entertainment this February, with the best Netflix shows. Whether you’re searching for an intriguing series with enough nail-biting tension to keep you on the edge of your seat or a whimsical sitcom that will amuse you. Or perhaps you hope to escape reality for a few hours, look no further than this list of the best Netflix shows released in February.

If you’re a TV buff, you must know that Netflix has become an unending entertainment source. Constantly replenishing their streaming library with a vast collection of fantastic TV shows, movies, documentaries, etc. That you can stream from the comforts of your own home, every episode is always better than the last and there’s no shortage of great content to dig into. Both old and new dramas, comedies, and thrillers are on the menu.

You can equally connect with fascinating characters, and experience all the twists and turns that make these Tv shows so addictive. There’s something for everyone on this list. Still, with so many exciting and captivating TV shows, it can be a tad bit difficult to choose the series you’ll enjoy. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best Netflix shows, so you can get straight to the good stuff.

Here are 12 of the best Netflix shows released this February for your viewing pleasure.

12 Of The Best Netflix Shows To Stream This February

Full List Of The Best Netflix Shows Released In February
  1. Outer Banks
  2. Perfect Match
  3. The Sandman
  4. Firefly Lane
  5. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners
  6. Mo
  7. Never Have I Ever
  8. Heartstopper
  9. You
  10. Cunk on Earth
  11. The Exchange
  12. Pasión de Gavilanes

Outer Banks 1-3

This thrilling, action-packed, teen drama series follows a group of American teenagers from the Outer Banks of North Carolina. As they search for a legendary treasure and uncover dangerous secrets about their families and community.

In the coastal town of Outer Banks (OBX), there are two distinct categories of people who live in different locations on the island. One is the “Pogues,” a group of low-income families that reside on “The Cut”. An area in the Southside of Kildare Island, OBX for the rebellious, misfits, and derelicts.

While the other part of the Island is called “Figure Eight” An upper-class Northside of Kildare Island, OBX. Inhabited by another group of people, the “Kooks.” Who are the prime picture of wealthy and suburban life, with their fancy boats and houses.

The lead character John Booker Routledge also known as John B (Chase Stokes) is from the ghetto side of town. He has this conviction that his father’s (Charles Halford as Big John) disappearance was orchestrated. John B teams up with his friends (called the “Pogues”) to dig deep into the sea and get to the crux of it, but the problem is they’re not the only ones digging.

Perfect Match

Netflix’s new reality dating series Perfect Match focuses on a group of single people who converge together to find love and happiness again. The cast members in the reality TV show form romantic relationships throughout the show, as they participate in a series of events, communicating, and connecting.

The show is a Netflix original reality dating show with a combination of ex-reality TV characters from different shows. Such as Love is Blind, Too Hot to Handle, and The Ultimatum: Marry or Move.

The Sandman 1

This supernatural series, based on the comic book series by Neil Gaiman for DC Comics, follows the Endless. A dysfunctional group of cosmic beings who possess unique powers, controlling the affairs of humans. Meanwhile, a human sorcerer named Roderick Burgess, or Magus attempts to resurrect his son by performing a ritual that’ll trap Death, but accidentally captures Death’s brother, Morpheus. Who is also one of the Endless.

Morpheus is also known as Dream because he controls all everything in the realm of Dreaming. After being held prisoner for over 100 years, Morpheus escapes and he must journey across different worlds to repair the disorder his absence has provoked.

With its well-developed characters, mythical elements, heart-pumping action, and slow pace, The Sandman is a delightful series.

Firefly Lane 1-2

Based on the bestselling 2008 book Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah, this compelling drama series is a tale of friendship, love, loss, and motherhood. Tully Hart (Heigl) and Kate Mularkey (Sarah Chalke) are two childhood neighbors on Firefly Lane. We follow their unlikely friendship for three decades, from the 1970s to the 2000s. As they navigate the treacherous and fulfilling years of their lives. three decades.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners 1

A 2022 Polish–Japanese anime series that centers around a gifted but foolishly adventurous kid named David Martinez. Who fights to survive in Night City, an independent, futuristic technology city situated in the Free State of California as an “edgerunner.” The edgerunners carry out the most nefarious, shady, and secret dealings in the Cyberpunk world.

His reason for this? Losing his mum Gloria Martinez in a drive-by shooting between gangs. Gloria supplies Cyberware to a group of Edgerunners to pay for David’s fees at Arasaka Academy. Where she desperately hoped he’d work after school. Her death shattered his world. So he joins this group as a mercenary outlaw to pay off the debts he accumulated in her absence and also to survive the harsh life of the Night City.

Pasión de Gavilanes 2

The Colombian telenovela Pasión de Gavilanes also known as Hidden Passion is based on the 1994 telenovela Las aguas mansas, written by Jiménez and produced by RTI. The show is the second installment in the series. It highlights the ordeal of life of the vengeful Reyes family following the death of their sister Libia Reyes.

Libia Reyes gets romantically involved with Bernardo Elizondo, a wealthy rancher which unexpectedly results in pregnancy. Torn between divorcing his wife and his love for Libia, he decides to announce this to her family. Unfortunately, Bernado mysteriously falls from his horse and dies.

After his death, Libia sets out to the Elizondo ranch to reveal she is pregnant with his child, and Bernardo’s wife Gabriella humiliates her. Which led her to commit suicide. Furious, her brothers devise a plan to claim the money allocated to their sister which she was on the verge of collecting before her death.

The Reyes brothers become entangled with Elizondo’s daughters and both families encounter new challenges that threaten to destroy them.

Mo 1

Mo is an American anthology comedy-drama that revolves around a Palestinian refugee Mo Najjar living in Houston, Texas. As he navigates immigration lawyers, a pending asylum case in the United States, and menial jobs. After Mo is fired from his job due to his refugee status, he gets a job at a strip club to fend for his mum Yusra (Fara Bsieso), and brother Sameer (Omar Elba).

Never Have I Ever 1-3

Another American romance comedy-drama that fans couldn’t wait to sink their teeth into. The tells the ordeals of Devi Vishwakumar, a 15-year-old Indian-American girl from Los Angeles. Who loses sensation in her legs due to psychological trauma she experienced after the sudden death of her father.

Devi eventually recovers and starts to deal with her grief, identity, school life, and relationships with her friends and family. While she’s dealing with her feelings for two boys, Paxton and Ben, she also begins to feel jealous of Aneesa, a new student at her school.

Meanwhile, Devi’s friends face their challenges all year round, struggling with their relationships and identity. Devi soon starts to date Paxton privately, but their relationship turns sour due to a never-ending cycle of gossip and Devi’s insecurities. Which ultimately leads to their breakup. However, they later reconcile and start to date publicly.

Heartstopper 1

A British coming-of-age romantic comedy-drama based on the LGBTQ graphic novel by Alice Oseman that explores queer love, sexuality, friendship, etc. Heartstopper details an eight-episode account of Charlie Spring (Joe Locke), a gay student who falls in love with his seatmate Nick Nelson (Kit Connor). As well as the lives of their friends Tao (William Gao), Elle (Yasmin Finney), Tara (Corinna Brown), and Darcy (Kizzy Edgell).

You 1-4

An American psychological thriller television series based on the thriller books by Caroline Kepnes, and one of the best Netflix shows. It centers on Joe Goldberg, a bookstore manager in New York and a serial killer who falls in love with women repeatedly and kills in the same breath.

However, everything will soon change when Joe Goldberg’s vengeful ex-girlfriend, Candace hotly pursues him for burying her alive. She knows more about Joe than he’s comfortable with. So Joe decides to move from New York to Los Angeles to evade his dark past.

There, he gets a new identity to avoid Candace and the first woman he falls in love with is Love Quinn a local heiress. They get married and give birth to a son Henry, in the Californian suburb of Madre Linda.

Unknown to Joe, Love equally has a killing instinct. Even as he fights to stay away from his pasts, he’s quickly roped back in with a blooming obsession for his next-door neighbor Natalie and the local librarian Marienne. Love also has her fantasies and obsessions and together, they unleash terror as they go on a cunning killing spree

Cunk on Earth

Philomena Cunk, a humorous documentary presenter, champions this mockumentary on controversial topics like human civilization. In the Cunk on Earth, she travels the world, conducting interviews with scientists, professors, etc. Shedding light on obscure stories and facts. While making the show equally entertaining.

The Exchange

Based on true events from 1980 Kuwait. The Exchange chronicles the remarkable story of two successful women in the patriarchal world of Kuwati finance.

It is 1987 and Farida (Rawan Mahdi), a recent divorcee seeking out means to provide for her teenage daughter allies with her cousin Munira (Mona Hussain), a clerk for the Bank of Tomorrow’s stock exchange division. To get the life they deserve in a male-dominated world. The series captures the hardships women faced in several sectors in late-80s Kuwait.

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