Best Android App to watch full TV Episodes

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Over the years, smartphones have managed to make our lives easier than it was before its existence. It has made us independent of a lot of things. Take for example, before the existence of smartphones and tablets, the only option we had to watch movies was our Television set. We had to stay glued to them until the movie ended. Thanks to smartphones, we can now watch movies on the Go using our smartphones. This has mad leisure time a lot better. 

In this article, we explore a comprehensive list of the best Android apps to watch TV episodes. These apps allow users to stream their favorite TV episodes on their smartphones. These apps are listed below. 


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Looking to watch full TV episodes on your Android device? Showbox may just be the app you have been searching for. Despite not be available in the Google PlayStore, Showbox is unarguably one of the most used media and video stream apps available on the Android platform.

Showbox lets users stream movies and TV series for free on their Android device. There are no hidden charges, you don’t have to pay any monthly or annual fee.  Apart from allowing users stream media content, Showbox also lets users download movies and TV series to be watched later.  Showbox offers movies and TV series in high definition quality, giving uses crisp and clear content to stream. As earlier mentioned, the Showbox app is not available in the Google Play store for download,  to download the Showbox app, click here

2. Netflix

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Netflix is undoubtedly the most popular streaming platform we have today. From Movies to TV Episodes, Netflix is the most sought after app streaming app we have today. Despite offering a subscription for service, the top-notch content they have set them apart from others. 

The Netflix app bears a very intuitive interface, designed to make navigation as easy as possible. Locating your favorite movies is as easy as possible here. Chances of you running out of content to watch is very low here because Netflix is loaded with a lot of exciting contents to stream. The Netflix app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. 

3. Stremio

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Stremio offers a platform for users to stream movies, TV series and TV shows directly on their smartphone. The Stremio app features a very intuitive interface, making navigation very easy. It was designed to help users find their favorite movies easily.

Stremio lets users streaming videos from a lot of services, which includes the popular ones we are familiar with. Example of such services includes Netflix, iTunes, HBO, Youtube, Twitch and lots more. With support for these streaming services, you are assured of seamless streaming of movies, series and lots more.

4. Tubi

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Tubi is a legal streaming service, that allows users stream movies, TV series on their Android smartphones, without having to pay any fee. Tubi services are absolutely free of charge. You are not required to pay any monthly fee or annual fee. It’s simple, select the movie you want to watch, and start streaming.Streaming with Tubi, you are offered content from Comedy, Drama, Kiddies show, Korean movies, Anime, British series and lots more. Tubi is constantly updated, delivering the latest content to its users. The Tubi app is available for downloads on the Google Play store.

5. iFlix

Android Apps to watch full Tv episodes

iFlix is an Android app, designed to provide top-notch streaming experience to users. iFlix houses loads of exciting and popular TV Series and moves, for free streaming. If you desire to continue watching your favorite TV episodes on the go, iFlix is the app you need.

It also has a section that lets you discover new movies, TV series and lots more. Unlike the already mentioned apps, iFlix requires a pay a monthly fee, to enjoy streaming. The iFlix app is available on the Google Play store for downloads.

6. Showmax

Android Apps to watch full Tv episodes

Still on the topic of best Android Apps to watch full Tv episodes, Showmax is yet another awesome app, that allows users to stream TV episodes and movies on their Android devices. Showmax offers a huge selection of TV show, TV episodes, kids shows and documentaries for a monthly fee. It is supported on devices running Android operating system, including Android TV.

Apart from streaming, Showmax also allows users to download movies to their devices, to be watched later. Showmax features a bandwidth capping feature that reduces data consumption when streaming. The Showmax app is available on the Google Play store for downloads.

7. Amazon Prime Video

Android Apps to watch full Tv episodes

Amazon Prime Video lets you stream and download popular movies and TV shows, including Amazon exclusives, like the Grand tour, The Man in the High Castle, and Emmy award winner Tumble Leaf and lots more. This app also lets you stream content from special channels like HBO, SHOWITIMEm STARZ, and CINEMAX. The Amazon prime video app is available for downloads on the Google Play Store.

8. ZEE5

Android Apps to watch full Tv episodes

ZEE5 is a streaming app dedicated to providing the best from Bollywood. ZEE5 lets users stream TV shows, Web series, International shows, Acclaimed plays, from the comfort of their smartphones. ZEE5 features over 80 live TV channels and 00,000+ hours of video content.

Video content on the ZEE5 Video content dubbed in 5 languages including Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu. Apart from allowing users stream media content, ZEE5 also allows users to download content for offline viewing. The ZEE5 app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

9. SnagFilms

Android Apps to watch full Tv episodes

SnagFilms is yet another app that lets users stream movies and TV episodes from the comfort of their Android smartphones. Snagfilm is a free app. All movies and TV episodes featured in their library can be accessed for free, without paying any subscription fee.

Snagfilm features over 5,000 Independent movies, TV Shows and documentaries. In their library, you will find content under comedy, action-filled and documentaries categories. The Snagfilms can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

10. IROKOtv

Android Apps to watch full Tv episodes

Last but not least, is is the IROKO TV app. IROKO TV is a Nigerian based channel, that offers content from Nigeria’s media sector. 

IROKO TV serves users with the best from Nollywood, and Nigerian TV series. You will also find Ghanian Films and TV series here. Apart from allowing users stream content via the internet, IROKO TV also lets users download content to be viewed offline. The IROKO TV app can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore. 

There you have it – The best Android Apps to watch full Tv episodes. If you have other favorites, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. 

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