Cardi B Floors A Troll For Mocking Her Outfit

Cardi B
Cardi B floors a troll for mocking her outfit

Popular American rapper and songwriter Cardi B recently slammed a wannabe fashion police who questioned and disparaged her designer get-up. The 29 year old famous queen of clap backs was born Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar in The Bronx, New York. She has garnered an extensive fan base on social media over the years due to her successful music career, jolly personality and toggle switch marriage to American rapper, Offset. Including her “no filter” attitude, unrivalled style and candid remarks.

Cardi B posted photos on Twitter on Sunday, September 11, 2022 with caption “Baby can you blow my heart up.” Her outfit in the two photos whipped up interest in many. It was the regular tie-dye mesh top, causing a disturbance in 2022 women fashion trends but with dramatic, cropped shoulder pads. Cardi B paired the exaggerated mesh top with orange cargo pants and white-toed, black converse sneakers. The stimulating ensemble was complete with a pair of white shades that looks like a cross between swim goggles and oval cat eyeglasses.

Cardi B mesh outfit
Credit: Cardi B

Within minutes of her post, fans flooded her CS, some fondly liking her outfit to Japanese anime Dragon Ball Z. While others trolled her for her utterly drab fashion sense. It is in this category that a Twitter user @szaswiifey1 fell into.

Dragon Ball Z

Twitter Troll Gets A Response From Clap Back Queen Cardi B

An obviously clout chasing, unidentified Twitter user who participated in trolling the queen of hip hop quoted. “What tf are you wearing??.”

Indiyah Polack trolls Cardi B
@szaswiifey1 to Popular Rapper Cardi B

Then Cardi B or rather Candid B, gave a resounding clap back. Her response to the troll’s tweet was “Shit you can’t afford.” Ouch, that stung.

A relentless @szaswiifey1 also quoted the American Rapper’s response with a lengthy note. “I guess you can’t afford a good surgeon cause why your face botched Shut your ass up! You ugly ass btch..,I just asked a question! Maybe if you put more time into learning how to rap….you’d acc amount to something!”

@szaswiifey1 Source: Twitter

Meanwhile, Cardi B who only 5 days ago celebrated her son’s birthday, has since moved on to other pertinent things. It seems her response to the twitter troll has been deleted.

On her Instagram page, the successful mother of two made a birthday post with caption “Words can’t describe how this boy came In to my life and stole my heart 💙🌊… fits you perfectly…YOU THE WAVE!”

Cardi B also recently shared on her Instagram live, a tattoo of her son’s name “Wave” tatted on the right side of her face in red ink, below her cheek. Alongside another one of her first daughter “Kulture” which was inscribed on her left arm. She went on to mention how those who troll her for using filters wanted to see her ugly but she keeps getting ahead of them.

Credit: twitter @SkyBaller77

Trolling is harmful and can lower self-esteem, cause depression and provoke suicidal thoughts. Celebrities are always at the receiving end of dehumanising, abusive words from social media users. It’s important to recognise that celebrities are humans before they’re anything else and as such, should be treated kindly. There is no shield covering someone from being negatively affected by verbal abuse simply because they’re famous.

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