Flutterwave and Microsoft Collaborates To Streamline Payments

flutterwave and microsoft
Flutterwave and Microsoft Collaborate to Streamline Payments in Africa

Flutterwave, one of Africa’s leading fintech corporations entered into a progressive partnership with technology giant Microsoft. A five-year agreement aimed to reconstruct payment services across the countries in the second-largest continent and beyond. By leveraging Microsoft Azure’s products, Flutterwave will create a new payment infrastructure that facilitates seamless and secure transactions for Africans and international companies, including Uber, Netflix, and Microsoft.

The collaboration between Flutterwave and Microsoft is a significant milestone for both parties. According to Mike Gaal, the General Manager of Microsoft Corporation, this partnership aligns with Microsoft Azure’s support for Flutterwave’s core operations. Gaal equally emphasizes Microsoft’s mission to empower individuals and organizations worldwide; noting that working with Flutterwave is a step closer to realizing that mission in Africa.

Olugbenga Agboola, CEO of Flutterwave, expresses gratitude for Microsoft’s support. And recognizes the critical role that Microsoft Azure plays in managing high-volume payment processing. Agboola highlights the strength, credibility, and scalability of Azure; indicating that the collaboration with Microsoft is the logical next step for Flutterwave.

Gurbhej Dhillon, Flutterwave’s Chief Technology Officer, also hinted at the developer leverage provided by Microsoft’s platform. This would also empower Flutterwave to improve its client services and grow its platform effectively. Looking ahead, Dhillon is excited about the possibilities of building with Azure OpenAI Service.

The partnership announcement by Flutterwave highlights the company’s dedication to delivering consistently high-quality services to its customers. Microsoft is transitioning key products such as Flutterwave for Business, Send by Flutterwave, Flutterwave Store, and Flutterwave for Fintech Platform onto Azure’s cloud platform.

How The Flutterwave and Microsoft Partnership is Beneficial

Flutterwave can maximize some of the services and capabilities offered by Azure to enhance its payment services. With its secure and reliable cloud infrastructure, Azure provides virtual machines and container services. This includes Azure Kubernetes Service for deploying and managing backend services, databases, and APIs. Azure’s auto-scaling capabilities ensure that resources are dynamically allocated based on demand. This would enable Flutterwave to handle high transaction volumes during busy times efficiently.

Various data storage options, including Azure Blob Storage and Azure Cosmos DB, are available for storing transaction records and accessing data with low latency. Azure prioritizes security and compliance; it provides encryption, access management, and network security features. So as to protect sensitive customer data and ensure adherence to industry regulations like PCI DSS.

The platform’s analytics and machine learning services, such as Azure Machine Learning, Azure Data Lake Analytics, and Azure Databricks, enable valuable insights. In addition to predictive modeling for fraud detection and customer behavior analysis. Integration with external systems and third-party services is also made seamless through Azure Logic Apps, Azure Service Bus, and Azure API Management.

Disaster recovery and business continuity are ensured. Through Azure’s global presence and built-in features like Azure Site Recovery for replication and failover. Microsoft Azure equally provides specialized services like Azure Payment HSM for secure key management. As well as Azure Bot Service for creating payment-related chatbots, and Azure Cognitive Services for fraud detection and risk assessment.

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