How to connect your mobile phone to your Smart TV

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Over the years, there has been an observable increase in the size of a smartphone and tablet display. Smartphones and tablets have grown into gadgets that we can use to entertain ourselves using media content. Despite these observable increase in the size of smartphone and tablet display, there comes a time when you desire to project stuff from your smartphone or tablet display onto a bigger display. In this article, we explore a tutorial on how to connect your mobile phone to a smart TV, allowing you to view contents on your smartphones unto a bigger screen. 

How to connect your mobile phone to your Smart TV

In this tutorial, we explore four different methods for connecting your mobile phone to your smart TV. This Tutorial covers how to connect Android mobile phones to smart TV’s and how to connect iPhone’s to smart TV’s.

How To Connect Your Mobile Phone To Your Smart TV Using HDMI Cable

Connecting your smartphone to your smart TV using an HDMI cable, is a universal method of connecting smartphones to a smart TV. It works for both Android and IOS devices. It is a very reliable method to project content from your mobile phone to a smart TV. It lets you transfer both audio and video from the same source. 

Some smart TVs feature HDMI 2.1 while others feature HDMI 2.0. The minimum requirement to stream 8K content from your mobile phone to a smart TV is an HDMI 2.0 port. 

Smartphones usually do not feature HDMI ports, so you are required to purchase an HDMI to USB C, Micro USB or Lightning ports. You connect one side of the HDMI cable to your smart TV and the other part housing the adapter to your mobile phone.

Connect Your Mobile Phone to Your Smart TV Using USB Cable

Just the way you connect pen drives to your smart TV, you can also connect your mobile phone to your smart TV using USB cables. Smartphones usually come with cables, with one end featuring either a USB A, USB C or lightning and the other end being USB A. 

You are required to connect the USB A port to your smart TV and the other end of the cable to your mobile phone. Your smart TV will then read your mobile phone as a storage device. You will be able to view photos, audio files, and video from your mobile phone. 

Connect Your Mobile Phone to With Wireless Casting on Android

Casting eliminates cords. Casting lets you connect your mobile phone to your smart TV without using cords. Casting is a process of wireless streaming content from your mobile phone or tablet, by connecting to the same WiFi network as your television. 

Some mobile phones come with inbuilt casting features, while other mobile phones require you to download third-party apps. In case your mobile phones need third-party apps, Allcast is a highly recommended app for casting. 

Apart from using casting apps on mobile phones, there are streaming devices you can use to add the functionality to your smart TV. Google Chromecast is an example of such streaming devices. 

Using Apple Airplay

Similar to casting on Android, Airplay is a feature designed for devices running any OS designed by Apple. It lets you connect your iPhone to your Smart TV wirelessly. 

Airplay only works between Apple devices. You are not allowed to wirelessly connect your iPhone to smart TV’s not made by apple. Similar to casting on Android, both the Apple TV and iPhone must be connected to the same network. 

There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial connect your phone to your smart TV. If you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. 

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