John Wick Chapter 4 Movie Review

About John Wick Chapter 4 Movie
About John Wick Chapter 4 Movie

John Wick Chapter 4 movie!. Well, excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor. Because that ending was so unexpected that it had everyone gasping in shock!. Again, seriously, give Keanu Reeves his deserved flowers(or shall we say bullets?).

Ever since the first installment of the John Wick franchise in 2014, the series has captured the hearts of millions of action movie fans worldwide. As Keanu Reeves’ stellar performances have been met with widespread laudation. All through the series, John an ex-underground assassin with a formidable reputation moves around seeking vengeance against those who have wronged him. Purposefully executing his revenge on his enemies with lethal expertise and surgical precision.

In case you were wondering “Why the John Wick franchise is so popular,” this is the reason. His determined quest for vengeance. With his stoic demeanor and murderous glares, he exudes an aura of mysteriousness, reminiscent of a modern-day tortured book hero. John’s approach to gunfights or hand-to-hand combats is a meticulous dance of violence. He has nailed the character of John Wick in each of the series so perfectly that “The Matrix” which was his blockbuster hit, doesn’t even get as much attention.

About John Wick Chapter 4 Movie

About John Wick Chapter 4 Movie

Director Chad Stahelski, alongside writers Shay Hatten and Michael Finch, has crafted a film that is riddled with both the high stakes of the previous chapters and pulse-pounding action. After a long wait(2 years to be precise), it’s clear that the wait was worth it.

The first scene opens with John Wick (Keanu Reeves) hammering bloodied fists at a makeshift padded punching post. The movie wastes no time, plunging us into the action. As John finds himself once again on the run from the powerful High Table. And travels around the world, fighting off assassins to regain his freedom from the High Table. In the underworld, the High Table stands as a council of twelve crime lords, governing the most formidable criminal organizations. Its authority is unrivaled and evokes both fear and respect, extending even to formidable figures like Winston Scott(Ian McShane).

Bill Skarsgård’s portrayal of the villainous Marquis de Gramont hellbent on executing John added depth and intensity to the film. The Marquis de Gramont is a ferocious tyrant. He assumes a higher position at the High Table after John kills the Elder, who lives in the Moroccan desert. Meanwhile, enter Donnie Yen(Caine), one of Hong Kong’s top action leads. He plays a blind assassin and brings a thrilling dynamic to the story. Laurence Fishburne’s appearance as Wick’s trusted ally and Shamier Anderson’s performance as a tracker sent to kill John further enhance the entire movie. But we bet you didn’t know that popular British actor Scott Adkins played Killa Harkan. The shady head of the German unit of the saga’s High Table.

What We Think about The Fourth John Wick Movie

About John Wick Chapter 4 Movie

Despite his hardened exterior, John Wick also possesses a vulnerability that lingers just beneath the surface. Pull back the layers and glimpses of his humanity shine through, especially in his relationship with his late wife and his dog. Moments that serve as reminders that beneath the deadly façade lies a man burdened by grief, yearning for connection, and a chance at redemption.

Admittedly, we’ve all been hooked, regardless of the gore. And the plot twist in this last installment is why we’re writing you this review. We did not see John Wick’s death coming. And up till when the end credits rolled, we kept an eye out for him to jump out of the grave like some un-dead zombie. Imagine our disappointments.

Aside from Keanu Reeves owning the character John Wick, what sets this film apart is its attention to detail and inventive use of surroundings. From a crowded nightclub to the bustling streets of Paris, the action unfolds in a chaotic setting that adds a distinctive visual flair. The world continues to move around John, with oblivious bystanders creating a mesmerizing contrast to the chaos and violence. This deliberate choice by the director adds an extra layer of excitement to the already thrilling actions.

Keanu Reeves once again delivers a captivating performance as John Wick, embodying the character’s unwavering determination and emotional exhaustion. With minimal dialogue, Reeves lets his physicality and presence speak volumes. While the film could benefit from slightly tighter pacing in certain moments, this minor flaw doesn’t detract from the overall storyline.

Will John Wick 4 be the last?

According to the directors, the sole purpose of creating this film was to bring about Wick’s fateful ending. Although fans might not like that John Wick Chapter 4 movie is the last installment. Right from the beginning, the decision was made that this would mark the fourth and final chapter of John Wick’s journey.

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