Password Manager: What It Is and Choosing The Best

Password Manager: What it is and Choosing The Best
Password Manager: What it is and Choosing The Best

It is difficult to effectively memorize and remember countless passwords needed to log in to several online accounts. Even remembering a single unique password is a remarkable achievement. A good number of people just rely on the reset password option due to difficulty recollecting their passwords. Others opt for easily memorable passwords across all their online accounts. But this is a dangerous move.

Using the same password across multiple accounts is not advisable. Since these weak passwords make it easier for cybercriminals to compromise people’s accounts. It is important to have a unique password for each account, and each of them should be adequately complex to prevent unauthorized access. However, creating and remembering different complicated passwords can be an unfeasible task, which is where a password manager comes in.

A password manager could provide an answer if this is your predicament, and help simplify your login process. Let’s find out what exactly a password locker or vault is and how to easily create one on your own.

What is a Password Manager or Password Vault?

A password manager or password vault is a versatile software tool that helps to securely create, store, and manage passwords across multiple platforms and devices. It employs powerful encryption techniques to safeguard all the stored login credentials. The information is typically organized within a protected database, accessible only through a master password. The online security features of this security tool basically include password generation, automated password management, and improved browsing experience.

There are different types of password managers; cloud-based, desktop, local, etc.

Why are Password Managers Useful?

Why are Password Managers Useful?

Using a password manager is beneficial; it does more than enhance online security, it simplifies internet activities. Firstly, there will no longer be a need to remember several complicated passwords, since the password manager stores and manages them for you. Whenever a new online account is created, the password manager can suggest auto-generated, highly secure passwords that are long, alphanumeric, and practically impossible for hackers to guess.

This ensures that your accounts are protected from phishing scams. Password managers add an extra layer of security by recognizing legitimate websites tied to each password. Hence, they can alert the user when they venture to a phishing site, and avert potential cyber theft.

Another advantage of password managers is they save time. Not only do they store user passwords, but they can also autofill login details and other personal information to streamline the entire process for various online accounts. The benefit of cross-platform compatibility of a password vault or manager is the syncing of passwords across different operating systems and web browsers. When you switch between different devices, or alternate between browsers, you can conveniently access your passwords.

While no system is entirely foolproof, password managers have a strong history of safeguarding user information. Although occasional breaches have occurred, there are reputable password managers that employ strong encryption methods to protect user data.

How Does a Password Manager Work?

A password manager is a proactive measure to protect sensitive information. While getting one, try to regularly update the passwords to prevent any security breaches. And stay vigilant about the security of the password locker. Here are a few steps to create a password vault:

To create a password manager or password vault, start by exploring and choosing a reputable password manager. Look for providers that offer advanced security features and are very reliable. There are free password manager options available, consider opting for a paid password manager for better protection against cyber threats.

Once the manager has been decided and the application installed on your devices, set a master password to secure the locker. This master password is for protecting personal information from unauthorized access. Ensure that the master password is a strong combination of words, numbers, symbols, etc. Avoid using common words or easily guessable information. The strength of the master password is important for the general security of your password vault.

With the master password set, users can start adding their passwords to the application and enter the login credentials for their various online accounts.

Best Password Managers 2023

  • Bitwarden
  • Dashlane
  • Zoho Vault
  • 1Password
  • Keeper Password locker
  • LogMeOnce
  • NordPass
  • Password Boss
  • RoboForm Everywhere
  • Enpass
  • Norton Password vault
  • LastPass
  • Bitdefender

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