Book Review Sites For Avid Readers

Top Book Review Sites For Avid Readers
Top Book Review Sites For Avid Readers

There’s nothing quite as painful as investing your hard-earned money in a new book, only to find out it is purely underrated. You’ve probably ordered a new book, consumed with the joy and anticipation of diving into it and flipping through its pages. But often find yourself trapped in a world that fails to captivate your imagination. It’s a sinking feeling, we get it. The disappointment that accompanies the realization that you’ve wasted resources and time on a literary letdown. Fortunately, book review sites are great tools to forestall these literary letdowns.

Here are some of the best book review sites we’ve curated for everyone who is wary of purchasing yet another trash book.

Top 10 Book Review Sites 2023

Top 10 Book Review Sites 2023


Goodreads is one of the leading online book review sites for book lovers across the globe. To fans of Goodreads, it’s like being a part of a book club or literary community, only in this case, it’s virtual. On Goodreads, book lovers can talk about their favorite reads and drop their reviews on books and ratings. It’s more than just a platform for those craving inspiration for their next exciting read, it’s also where authors connect with their readers. And these readers get to stay in the loop about new releases and exciting book events

Goodreads is filled with numerous reading lists curated by its users. The site has an extensive collection of literature spanning various book categories; romance, mystery, memoirs, fiction, etc. Aside from the opportunity to discover captivating reads, and share thoughts by rating and reviewing books, users can even curate personalized bookshelves of their book collections. What’s even better is that Goodreads provides specific book recommendations based on individual preferences.


Kirkus Reviews is renowned for its exceptional book reviews and discussions and is among the industry leaders. This literary magazine offers more than just critiques. From publishing interviews, articles, and opinions from authors, readers, etc. Its popularity stems from its prestige, scarcity, and unbiased reputation. While a positive review from Kirkus can work wonders for a book, securing one is no easy task. Authors are always on the lookout for favorable reviews. As these reviews indicate that their fans and audiences find the book a success.

Reviews from Kirkus are paid for. And the cost ranges from $400 to $500 for an expedited turnaround of 4-9 weeks. There’s no guarantee of positive reviews. And despite the price tag, a Kirkus review holds weight due to its potential for impactful quotes that can propel a book’s popularity. A starred review is the highest accolade. It is reserved for books of exceptional merit and makes them eligible for the prestigious Kirkus Prize which is around $50,000. Kirkus Reviews serves as a trusted resource for authors, publishers, media outlets, libraries, booksellers, and readers worldwide. With millions of monthly website visitors and an extensive review catalog, Kirkus provide more than recognition, it can be used as a powerful marketing tool.


LibraryThing is another great online book review site to check out. It claims to be the most extensive book club in the world and provides its users the opportunity to create virtual archives of their private book collections. Almost like having a personal library at one’s fingertips. The user interface is great; with easy search options for book titles or authors, the LibraryThing fetches detailed information like covers and descriptions.

This particular book review platform promotes ties with bookworms through group participation and sharing recommendations. As well as engaging in community book discussions. With over 2 million members, LibraryThing is one of the best review sites with book ratings, and a wealth of information about authors. There’s also a tagging feature in LibraryThing that allows for efficient organization.

Book Riot

Book Riot is more than a website; it’s a hangout for bibliophiles and audiobook lovers. It brings together authors, readers, publishers, and everyone who is passionate about literature. As an independent editorial book site, Book Riot caters to a diverse range of readers and audiobook lovers. Delivering various forms of content, including podcasts, newsletters, and more.

With its massive community and emphasis on inclusivity, Book Riot encourages collaborative book discussions, empowers readers, and amplifies underrepresented voices. From in-depth audiobook reviews and recommendations to a detailed book blog covering various genres, readers can find honest reviews, new releases, and literary insights.

The Book Riot Podcast delves into literary news, highlighting social justice topics and representation. For personalized book recommendations, the Tailored Book Recommendations service acts as a concierge for readers. Additionally, Book Riot’s shop offers a unique selection of book-related products. With its invaluable service and commitment to inclusivity, Book Riot serves as a reliable resource for readers worldwide, offering a wealth of knowledge and promoting a love for literature.


Bookish is a fresh book review blog catering to NetGalley members. It gives users an independent perspective on books and the literary lifestyle. It also provides valuable assistance in preparing users for upcoming book discussion meetings. Through an assortment of features such as discussion guides, book quizzes, etc. Not only does Bookish organize book club gatherings, but there is also an extensive supply of good literary and editorial content. This includes author interviews, thought-provoking essays, book reviews and recommendations, exciting reading games, and even opportunities to participate in book giveaways. Bookish is indeed a comprehensive site for book lovers.

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