Postgraduate Scholarships For International Students In UK

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If you’re an international student from Africa, particularly Nigeria, with the aspiration to study for your master’s program in the UK, this post is for you. In a previous article, we extensively chronicled a list of cheap universities in UK for master’s degree to aid those not likely to be granted scholarship. Here, we’ll review some of the postgraduate scholarships available for international students in the UK.

Before we get weaving, there are tons of funding options made available by the UK government for international students to complete their master’s degree. These options include government support schemes like Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSA), educational trusts and postgraduate loans. Which recipients repay upon graduation. While the institution-specific scholarships span from academic performance scholarships to alumni discounts and research council funding.

Universities With Postgraduate Scholarships For International Students In UK

Postgraduate Scholarships For International Students In UK
Credit: Antoni Shkraba

A master’s degree not only pave the way for students in the global job market, it distinguishes them in their respective careers. Hence, several institutions in the UK relentlessly offer postgraduate scholarships to international students to further their studies and become professionals in various fields. But to a large extent, universities award scholarships on the basis of academic performance and financial limitations.

The UK government equally awards eligible Nigerian aspirants scholarships to aid those who are unable to fund their education abroad. These scholarships include Chevening, Common Wealth and Great scholarships. Institutions listed below are partners of the aforementioned scholarship schemes.

Here are university scholarships for Nigerian applicants.

1. University of Bradford Postgraduate Scholarships

For 2023/24 academic year, the University of Bradford will offer Nigerian students over 10 scholarships including Cheving and Great scholarships. These support to international students are contingent on academic excellence, personal challenges or financial constraints.

  • Sub-Saharan Africa Scholarship is geared towards providing African students from specific countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda South Africa or Zimbabwe with quality education. New students applying for full-time master’s degree courses are eligible, with exception to MBA courses and distance learning. A fee discount of £4000 is offered to students from Nigeria, Uganda and South Africa. While students from Kenya and Zimbabwe will receive tuition fee reduction of £5000.
  • Alumni Discount Scheme is a fee reduction scholarship for the university’s alumni applying for master’s degree. Nigerian undergraduate students at the University of Bradford will receive a 10% discount on their tuition fees. 
  • International Academic Excellence Fee Scholarships is obtained by postgraduate students from countries outside the UK. Nigerian aspirants with 2:1 degrees will receive a £2,500 fee scholarship. But applicants with first-class Honours will receive additional £500 to round it up to a £3,000 fee scholarship. 
  • Peace Studies and International Development Scholarship in line with the university’s desire to enhance Peace Studies and International Development, this scholarship provides support to all international masters students in the following courses. Peace, Conflict and Development, Peace, Resilience and Social Justice, Advanced Practice in Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution, International Relations and Security Studies, Economics & Finance for Development, International Development Management, Project Planning and Management and Sustainable Development.

University of Bradford offers a fee discount of £5000 to eligible applicants from Nigeria.

  • MA Filmmaking Scholarship is offering £5,000 scholarships to three eligible international students studying MA Film making. Application deadline is 31st of May 2023 and eligibility criteria is  2:1 degree.
  • Archaeological and Forensic Sciences Endowed Scholarship is a £10,000 scholarship given to international students applying for Archaeological or Forensic courses. Other scholarship programmes available to Nigerian students in the University of Bradford are Construction and Project Management, Aziz Foundation and Chevening Scholarships.

2. Sheffield Hallam University Postgraduate Scholarships

Aside tuition discounts or awards, Sheffield Hallam University offer competitive scholarships to its postgraduate students. These include the Transform Together, Sanctuary and Scholarships.

  • Transform Together Scholarships which is a 50% tuition discount for all international students applying to Sheffield Hallam. The criteria to receive this aid is an official offer of admission into the school, either as an undergraduate or postgraduate student. Obtaining this financial aid is entirely dependent on academic performance. And only applies to a student’s first year of study. If the student commences a postgraduate course before applying, the application is considered null.
  • Sanctuary Scholarship is for international undergraduate and postgraduate students seeking asylum in the UK. In partnership with some of the school’s alumis, Sheffield Hallam helps Nigerian students requesting for sanctuary. It covers tuition fees, travel and study materials. There’s a complete tuition fee waiver for up to 18 months alongside a stipend of £4,000 to cover study costs.
  • Scholarships for alumni is the another scholarship scheme that Sheffield Hallam awards postgraduate students. Being an alumni of the institution, automatically qualifies the student for discount on their postgraduate study. Considering they’re not recipients of any other awards, discounts, or scholarships. It includes a £2,000 alumni discount, £1,000 Postgraduate Taught Scholarship and 10% Postgraduate Research Scholarship.

3. University of Sussex Postgraduate Scholarships

  • Chancellor’s Masters Scholarship (2023)

University of Sussex is awarding 100 First Class graduates a tuition fee reduction and the deadline is 1st of August 2023. As long as the student’s academic performance and career aspirations meets the necessary criteria, the university portal is open. A £5,000 fee reduction is accessible to international students from specific countries like Nigeria who meet the requirements.

  • Harry Lownds Memorial Scholarship (2023)

The Harry Lownds Memorial scholarship is a maintenance grant in the name of Harry Lownds, a deceased undergraduate student of Genetics at Sussex University. The family of Harry awards a lump sum of £3,000 to an MSc applicant in Genetic Manipulation and Molecular Cell Biology.

Application deadline is 1st of August 2023. And eligibility criteria is completion of the scholarship application form upon securing admission at Sussex.

4. University of Buckingham Postgraduate Scholarships

  • Postgraduate First-Class Scholarship automatically awards international students applying for their masters with a First Class Bsc degree a 33% tuition fee discount.
  • Buckingham Postgraduate Discount is for alumni of The University of Buckingham with a First Class degree or 2:1. Those with First Class honours will receive 33% tuition discount, while alumni with 2:1 are eligible for a 25% fee discount.

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