UK Scholarship Programs For Postgraduate Studies 2023

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Are there UK scholarship programs for postgraduate studies?, Certainly. Is it available to everyone? No, only eligible applicants receive specific funding for their tuition. Before we proceed, this post is strictly for British nationals or home applicants in the UK. International students can refer to this post for UK scholarship schemes.

Most undergraduate or postgraduate students in the UK cannot afford to pay for their tuition or living expenses. Thus, hampering their academic abilities and career advancement. Luckily a host of funding options exist to mitigate financial difficulties plaguing postgraduate applicants living in the UK. These financial aids include grants, loans, bursaries, scholarships, etc.

Scholarships not only ease financial burdens off students, it gives room for them to demonstrate their unique talent and improve upon relevant skill sets. Of which money troubles would have severely restricted.

These funding schemes often have their limitations and only select applicants with impressive academic standing, disabilities or acute financial constraints are eligible. In a previous article, we extensively chronicled a list of cheap universities in UK for master’s degree to aid those not likely to be granted scholarship.

Now, to the crux of the matter, we’ll look at this list of UK scholarship programs for postgraduate studies. As well as other funding options in some prestigious universities in the UK.

Institutions Offering UK Citizens Scholarship Programs For Postgraduate Studies

eligibility for UK Scholarship Programs For Postgraduate Studies 2023

The eligibility criteria to obtain academic scholarships in most universities vary. Be it fee a waiver, reduction or living cost stipend, postgraduate student support is largely dependent on academic performance in undergraduate degree. Some universities review transcript of results, research proposals, projects, etc from students who show academic excellence.

University of Sussex UK Scholarship Programs

1. Chancellor’s Masters Scholarship (2023)

University of Sussex is awarding100 First Class UK or Irish graduates a tuition fee reduction and the deadline is 1st of August 2023. As long as the student’s academic performance and career aspirations meets the necessary criteria, the university portal is open. A £5,000 fee reduction is accessible to international students from specific countries like Nigeria who meet the requirements.

2. Harry Lownds Memorial Scholarship (2023)

The Harry Lownds Memorial scholarship is a maintenance grant in the name of Harry Lownds, a deceased undergraduate student of Genetics at Sussex University. A £3,000 scholarship is awarded to an MSc applicant in Genetic Manipulation and Molecular Cell Biology.

Application deadline is 1st of August 2023 and eligibility criteria is completion of the scholarship application form upon securing admission at Sussex.

3. Aziz Foundation Scholarship (2023)

For the 2023/24 academic year, the University of Sussex will empower five British Muslims seeking to earn a master’s degree, through the Aziz Foundation. The Aziz Foundation scholarship is a support program offered to remarkable students in the form of a full fee waiver. Meaning, prospective master’s students with functional roles in the Muslim community in UK are eligible.

Also, those who are applying for a masters in Media & Journalism, Technology, Sustainability/Environment, Law, Policy or Creative Content are eligible. Applicants are expected to equally demonstrate advocacy that strengthens the Muslim community within Britain.

Although the scholarship isn’t eligible to students studying online, or those with another of the university’s scholarship. Neither is it open to students applying outside the University of Sussex. Application deadline for Aziz Foundation scholarship is 10th of July 2023.

4. Draper Scholarship (2023)

This a donor funded scholarship of £2,500 available to postgraduate applicants in the Department of Law. The application commences in September 2023. Applicants will be assessed on their experience, achievement and ambition. Professor Colonel Gerald Draper, Criminal Lawyer and notable figure at the university is championing this cause and there’s only one slot available.

Teesside University UK Scholarship Programs

1. Dr Keith Skeoch Postgraduate Scholarships 2023

Dr Keith Skeoch, the Chief Executive of Standard Life Investments is offering four Msc applicants £2,500 scholarships. Eligibility criteria include a first degree at Teesside University, good academic performance and not a recipient of any Teeside University scholarship. Prospective postgraduate students at the University’s School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Law and Teesside University International Business School are only eligible for this offer. Applications open in January 2023.

2. 10% Tuition Fee Discount

A 10% fee reduction for postgraduate studies is obtainable by applicants at Teeside University. This fee reduction aims to demonstrate the value Teeside University places on graduate education. Students with first-class honours in undergraduate degrees from Teesside University or any other institution are qualified to receive this discount. But the discount is indicative and offer is open from January 2023.

UCLan UK Scholarship Programs

1. Alumni Loyalty Discount(2023)

University of Central Lancashire Preston, populary known as UCLan or Preston is offering a 20% reduction in tuition fee scholarship. 2023/24 students applying for postgraduate taught courses or research degrees at the university are expected to. Although the program excludes postgraduate dentistry courses. This tuition fee discount is only available to students from United Kingdom who are in need of financial aids.

2. Carers Bursary(2023)

This is a bursary offered to students who care for sick, disabled or elderly people in the UK. A lump sum of £500 is paid to undergraduate or postgraduate carers and expires annually. Application deadline is 9 months after the start of the academic year. To be eligible for this bursary, the student should be a carer who receives no remuneration. With exceptions to parents and volunteer workers.

University of Hertfordshire Graduate Scholarship

This scholarship is a 20% tuition fee discount for the University of Hertfordshire Alumni. Hertfordshire automatically awards undergraduate students who return to study for any postgraduate taught course and research degree with a graduate scholarship. It does not require any application, although applicants must pass the criteria.

The tuition reduction will be eligible to students who are not recipients of educational grants from agencies. Duration of the scholarship spans from the first year of full-time or all years of part-time postgraduate/research degrees at the University.

University of Hertfordshire also offers Sport Scholarship Scheme aimed at supporting talented athletes studying at the University. Other financial aids include the Aziz Foundation scholarship for British Muslims. The NHS Learning Support Fund for those applying for a pre-registration postgraduate course. As well as the Helen Burchell Scholarship available each year to a School of Education postgraduate student.

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