Cyber Monday Deals: 10 Christmas Gifts For Tech Lovers

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Yoo-hoo! it’s Cyber Monday tech geeks! Time to indulge in last-minute shopping sprees for some swanky gizmos!. In this post, we’ll be looking at ridiculously cool Christmas gifts for tech lovers, men, women and children inclusive.

Everyone knows that during the holiday shopping season, the chances of getting massive discounts after clearance sales are slim to none. What with online and offline stores throwing open their doors on Black Friday for shoppers to splurge on every single end-of-season sale device, toy and gifts.

While Black Friday is a long-standing shopping tradition, it’s equally a prelude to Cyber Monday, another exceedingly huge shopping day. Yet most people forestall purchasing discounted items on Black Friday, until Monday when the cyberspace is hit with unbelievably cheap deals. Which is more than enough to make any holiday shopper break into a happy dance.

The Shopping Season Impact On How People Shop Christmas Gift For Tech Lovers

Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday simultaneously denote blowout sales and binge shopping. Although lately, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals have started to blur together. But one of the disparities between the two largest shopping days is that Cyber Monday is solely online. The day after Thanksgiving which is Friday is Black Friday while three days after Thanksgiving which is Monday is Cyber Monday.

Shoppers who were unable to score some great deals on Black Friday, can avail themselves of the opportunity to purchase high-end gadgets and other seasonal frills on Monday. Black Friday was initially for retailing top-of-the-line merchandise, but the dawn of Cyber Monday has presented tech-savvy consumers the opportunity to also shop smart devices at closeouts. As well as other quality home electronics and accessories.

This brings us to the crux of the matter—Christmas gifts for tech lovers. While dispelling the -all-technology-geeks-are-introverts- myths, let’s also hash out those theories about techies hibernating during festive seasons to finesse their way out of receiving gifts. It’s absolutely untrue. Tech people love gifts and acts of benefaction, as well as spending time together with loved ones and families.

So, what do you buy for a tech savvy person this Christmas season that isn’t too generic?. What gifts do you get a kid who not only loves technology but aspires to be a techie?. How about someone also looking to gift themselves tech gifts, what are the best gift ideas?. If these questions fall anywhere near the category of questions you’ve been seeking answers to, then let’s dive.

Christmas Gifts For Tech Guys

Tech bros earn pretty good money working high-paying tech jobs. And with how successful most of them are, it sometimes gets tricky purchasing gifts for them. Altruistic gestures may be met with disappointed glares and while they cannot be entirely faulted for their sometimes unvoiced disapproval, understanding the kind of gift items they’ll love to receive aids gifters in their choice of benefaction.

Hence, it is only wise to purchase futuristic, high tech devices or accessories for them. From sprucing up their workspace with office essentials, to purchasing really trendy devices that makes life easier for them. The ideal thing is to gift them items they’re well-acquainted with —tech stuff.

1. Smart Touch Leather Gloves

Smart gloves Christmas Gifts For Tech Lovers

This touchscreen enabled leather gloves is among the comfort products designed for cold weather that the iconic Totes Isotoner brand produces. It provides the wearer comfort against harsh elements while equally facilitating access to touchscreen devices. it is truly a very thoughtful gift item for tech geeks.

2. Nomad Organiser for iPad Pro 12.9″ & MacBook Pro 13″

organiser Christmas Gifts For Tech Lovers

Tech bros are inordinately organised individuals, fastidious about every odds and ends they own. This Christmas season, ensure to take your gift game to a different level, more un-conventional than the usual. A tech bro will reward you with a satisfied smile.

3. Voice + Motion Rectangular Sensor Can

high tech trash can - Christmas Gifts For Tech Lovers

A trash can that listens when someone talks? yes please!. This motion sensitive trash can from Simple Human is the best gift item for any and every tech savvy guy. Complete with voice control, that activates upon the user’s command to “open can,” “stay open” or “close can.”

4. Roomba i3+ EVO Robot Vacuum

Vacuum Christmas Gifts For Tech Lovers

iRobot vacuum is a Wifi-enabled, high-tech device that replaces the traditional vacuum cleaners, disburdening users of the slow and arduous task of regular vacuuming.

5. Dyson Pure Hot+Cool HP01 Purifying Heater & Fan

During the winter season when the weather is extremely cold or the air is dry from low-humidity, the tissues that line the nose (sinuses and mucous membranes) tend to dry out as well. This causes nosebleeds in most persons, tech bros inclusive. To avert this situation, purchase them a humidifier ahead of time to increase the moisture in the air, reduce spread of bacteria, as well as relieve dry skin.

6. PhoneSoap 3 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer and Dual Universal Cell Phone Charger

phone soap 10 Christmas Gifts For Tech Lovers

As the name implies, it’s a smartphone sterilizer with charging capabilities. It achieves this by using UV-C light to kill 99% of germs on the phone’s exterior while also charging the phone with its dual USB.

7. Bang & Olufsen Noise Cancelling Wireless Earphones

bang and olufsen headphone Christmas Gifts For Tech Lovers
Bang & Olufsen

Sometimes, the whole Christmas affair can get monotonous to the point tech geeks make a beeline for their safe haven of solitude. They tune out the world with powerful noise-cancelling headphones and earbuds. This Beoplay EQ Adaptive noise-cancelling wireless earphones from Bang & Olufsen is definitely an important item to include in the list of cool stuff to gift tech guys. Also, if they have flying phobia, consider getting noise-cancelling headphones to help calm them.

8. DiamondClean Smart 9500 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

smart toothbrush Christmas Gifts For Tech Lovers

Personal hygiene, but make it advanced. This smart toothbrush from Philips Sonicare is a high-tech device that syncs with a smartphone to ensure proper oral hygiene.

9. iPhone 14 Pro

Credit: IG @cellcompanycat

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus is another next generation smart device to gift a tech guy. It comes with the A15 Bionic chipset, emergency satellite SOS, crash detection, all integrated within an iOS 16. The 6.1″ inch screen and a 6.7” inch larger screen display allows for HDR content. Apple’s iPhone 14 and 14 Plus are available in midnight, blue, starlight, purple and red. Also in 128GB256GB, and 512GB storage capacities.

10. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug²

temperature control mug Christmas Gifts For Tech Lovers
Credit: Ember

This season, gift that tech person you know an Ember temperature control mug to maintain the warm temperature of hot beverages. This smart mug is capable of conserving the temperature of hot drinks after users set set an exact drinking temperature.

Christmas Gifts For Tech Sis

The technology world has been a men dominated industry for years, but we’re witnessing women break that bias in recent times. More women have and are still transitioning into tech. While the idea of fresh-cut flowers in all their gaudy splendor may seem endearing, most times it’s not. Take a break from the conventional gift ideas for women and embrace newfangled ways of gift-giving.

Admittedly, finding the perfect gift for women can be a herculean task sometimes, considering women spend several hours just wandering aisles in search of personal items.

The above mentioned items for tech guys can also be included in the list of items to gift a tech sis. Aside that, women equally love fancy items and luxury fashion brands have some kind of therapeutic effect on them. From a 360-wardrobe overhaul to a collection of designer shoes, bags, jewelries, perfumes, skincare essentials, to all-expense paid vacations, women love the finest things of life.

1. Canon IVY Wireless Mini Photo Printer

Wireless photo Christmas Gifts For Tech Lovers

Happy times come and go, but the memories we make stay forever, hence the need to document each moment as we enjoy them. The Canon IVY Wireless Mini Photo Printer allows users to customize and print 2-by-3-inch photos directly from a smartphone.

2. Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle

hidrate water bottle 10 Christmas Gifts For Tech Lovers

 This water bottle from Hidrate tracks water intake and glows to remind users that it’s time to drink more water, at specific intervals.

3. Click and GrowSmart Garden

Credit: Click and grow

4. Apple AirTag


5. Meural Canvas II

Credit: Netgear

6. The Mirror Workout

Credit: The Business Insider

7. ROCKETBOOK Smart Reusable Notebook


8. NEZZOE Touch Screen Vanity Mirror


9. SHARPER IMAGE Jewelry Cleaner

Sharper Image

10. Echelon Stride-5s Smart Treadmill


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