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How to Configure Backup on your Mac with Time Machine

Avoid stories that touch; learn how to create a backup of the files on your Mac.

10 Must Have Apps for your Mac

Mac OS is a series of graphical user interface-based operating systems developed by Apple Inc. for their Macintosh line of computer systems. The Mac...

How to Connect your DSTV Decoder to your Android Device

Being able to connect your DSTV decoder to your Android device, has a lot of advantages. When your DSTV is connected to your Android...

4 Popular Foods to try in Dubai

Dubai is home to tourism and hospitality thus, the city is always giving visitors reasons to come back for more. One of the enticing...

The Best Video Downloaders to Grab Videos from Any Site

It would be very stupid if we asked you why do you want to download videos from the internet because there are simply more...

5 Best Alternatives Of Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is the one of the default softwares which comes with all the windows operating systems like windows 7, XP, Vista,...

Top 40 Firefox Extensions or Add-ons

Firefox is one of the best browser at this time which is being used by thousands of the peoples as their default browser. one...

What Is Benchmark? How to Benchmark Your PC for Free

 A benchmark is the standard by which a pc performance is been determined. To thoroughly determine a PC's performance, you need to use multiple tools...

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