What Is The Best YouTube Ad Blocker For iPhone & Android?

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Are you on the lookout for the best YouTube ad blocker? then this post will do the trick spot-on.

YouTube is one of the most popular online video sharing platforms in the world, with over 2.1 Billion monthly active users. Affording creators, artistes, businesses, etc the opportunity to promote and grow their audience. As well as present students with inexhaustible streams of information. The cherry on the cake? it’s completely free to watch and upload content on YouTube.

Yet, YouTube video ads and pop-ups can be ridiculously frustrating. Viewers find it difficult to stream content on YouTube without irksome ads flying all over their screens. It slows traffic, increases data usage and make you susceptible to online threats, spear phishing and other malware.

Below, we compiled a well-detailed list of some of the best YouTube ad blockers to aid your free streaming on YouTube, as well as protect your device from trackers.

Credit: pexels.com@yankrukov YouTube Ad Blocker
Credit: pexels.com@yankrukov

Best YouTube Ad Blocker For Android, Mac And iOS


AdBlock is an open-source software designed to give its users control over unwanted YouTube ads and pop-ups. With over 60 million users worldwide, the adblocker claims to eliminate third-party trackers and protect users privacy.

It equally allows users free rein with filters, whitelists, dark mode and other colorful themes, for premium browsing experience. Users’ can safely block malicious ads, scams, phishing sites etc, as well as backup and sync their whitelist and customize ad blocking rules across browser extensions.

The custom ad block not only allows users to customize ad blocking rules, it also enables substitution of ads with images of animals, objects and landscapes. Other features of Adblock includes accelerated page load time, compatibility with Android and iOS devices, as well as supporting over 40 languages.


As the name implies, AdGuard blocks incredibly annoying ads and pop-ups on browsers and apps particularly YouTube. It works by enabling a safe, web-browsing experience for users. AdGuard equally allows users high-level privacy protection from online malware and other threats harmful to your computer, network or server.

Here are some key features of AdGuard YouTube ad blocker:

  • AdGuard is available on Android and iOS, going as far as offering compatibility with various other platforms such as Chrome Extension, Windows and Mac.
  • The YouTube ad blocker protects its users’ data from web trackers, consequently preventing personal information from being disseminated to unwanted sites.
  • One significant benefit of AdGuard is that it filters adult content via parental control options that limits children’s exposure to unsuitable content.
  • AdGuard also maintains web page functionality, ensuring pages load faster and limits traffic.


Rated the finest ad blockers for mobile, Luna is an impressive ad blocker for YouTube that enables users to block ads and pop-ups on apps and browsers. Luna works by blocking irritating YouTube ads, without compromising the safety of its users.

It also enhances user browsing experience while consuming less data. Aside YouTube ads, Luna ad blocker allows users to block ads on several other apps, games and browsers such as Spotify, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.

What’s more, Luna is available on Android and iOS respectively, unlike most YouTube ad blockers, it boasts Wi-Fi and cellular data connections.

Adblock Plus

Block intrusive ads that mar web browsing experience with Adblock Plus, an open-source software that’s entirely free. While users are able to block video ads, pop-ups and flashing banners, the Adblock Plus guarantees faster web pages loading.

It also mitigates the problem of online trackers, scams and other malware. Aside disabling irritating ads, users can support non-phishing sites through selective ad blocking. This favors websites that earn money through these acceptable ads. The software is available for desktop browsers and Android devices.


Ghostery is another YouTube ad blocker designed specifically for Mozilla Firefox browser. This software allows users to disable unwanted ads, videos and pop-ups from their devices. It also increases web page speed and limits spear phishing, spoofing or other malicious internet activities.

There’s a customized ad blocking service that enables users to selectively block the types of ads they want. Along with AI-powered filtering, an advanced privacy protection, anti-tracking and blocking.


Those searching for the best YouTube ad blocker will find this ad blocker very convenient. It is evident in the name what this ad blocker entails; stopping ads completely. Apart from YouTube, it also helps users block frustrating ads on other platforms while streaming content. StopAd supports iOS, Mac, and Android devices.

Other features of StopAd includes the ability to block all ad URLs, scan all CSS codes, and filter all HTML codes. As well as a solid web protection feature to prevent ID theft, bank phishing, and other forms of scams.

YouTube AdBlock

YouTube AdBlock is another great YouTube ad blocker that only works as a Microsoft Edge extension. This software works on the Edge browser by blocking every kind of ads, spear phishing, spoofing and other scam-related activities, as well as reducing data usage in web browsers.

The YouTube AdBlock prevents third-party tracking activities from breaching user online privacy and equally provides unlimited YouTube ad-blocking service. When you subscribe, there is a 30-day guarantee for refund on YouTube Ad Block. There’s also authorization to install the software on different operating systems.

Total Adblock

Total Adblock is the perfect YouTube ad blocker for blocking any intrusive ads, alerts and notifications. It is a Chrome extension that instantly eliminates pop-ups, adverts, notifications, even auto-play ads on YouTube.

It offers strong protection from online third-party trackers on your browser, with an award-winning antivirus for better protection. The elimination of unwanted ads increases page load time and aids faster browsing. Total Adblock is available on other browsers and compatible with social media platforms such as Facebook. Users can equally customize acceptable ads for better browsing experience.

AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate is one of the best YoutTube ad blockers for iOS devices and operates by blocking adverts, pop-ups, notifications, etc.

Although it is not only limited to iOS devices, it offers Android and Windows users protection against phishers, malware, hackers, online threats, etc.

This YouTube ad blocker available as a browser extension on popular browsers such as Opera, Chrome, Firefox, etc. It also allows users to generate and customize whitelist of their preferred websites and ads.

There you have it, 9 best YouTube ad blockers to aid your web and mobile browsing experience.

Credit: pexels.com@fauxels youtube ad blocker
Credit: pexels.com@fauxels

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