How to Make the Most of Google Maps

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Everyone knows that Google Maps is the ruler when it comes to mapping services (Nokia map lies just somewhere by the side). There is no doubt about that whatsoever. You can use it in your mobile phone as an app or in a browser. Although Google Maps is loaded with tons of effective features, few of these useful features are widely veiled.  

Here are some tips and tricks on how to make the most of Google Maps:

  1. View live traffic. It is a feature in which Google Maps displays live traffic feed on maps. This enables users to go by the current rate of traffic and plan their routes accordingly. In order to view live traffic, simply click on the ‘Satellite’ icon and then on the ‘Traffic’ option. This particular feature is operational through mobile apps.
  2. Google Now. This is yet another feature of Google Maps. Its integration enables the Google Maps Sync to function in a more enhanced manner than before. Searching for directions enables the feature to predict the desired location based on your web history. If Google is aware of your work or home locations, it will calculate and display the route and estimated time it will take to reach home or work.
  3. Route change. If Google Maps suggested routes are not according to your liking or convenience, you can click a point (it can be any point) present on the map and then drag it to some other place. By doing so, you can change your route.
  4. Mode of transit. Directions, whether for walking or driving, are available from whatever your current location. You can also access directions if traveling by bicycle or public transit. Whatever the case, Google Maps will provide you with three different routes. Varied directions help in selecting the best and most convenient route for you, whatever you’re preferred mode of transit.
  5. Routes with numerous destinations. If you want to stop on multiple destinations, you can make use of the ‘Add Destination’ feature. Through this link, you can add each of your desired destinations to your list. Google will then provide you with the most efficient and convenient route.
  6. Make maps for yourself. If there are vital locations available with you, you can create and make customized maps for yourself only. Visit Google Maps and go to ‘My Places’. Right under it, you will find the link ‘Create Map’.
  7. Locating places of interest. Try out the Tourist Path. Through this feature, you can get a display of historical sites, parks and restaurants on a customized Google Maps view.

Using Google Maps is simply easy. All you need to do is fiddle with its many features and work with them until you get the desired results!

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