How to Use Multiple WhatsApp and Social Media Accounts on your Android Device

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Do you have two accounts for Messaging, tired to log in and out to receive different message?

Have you ever dreamt of having multiple accounts for your favorite game?

Do you have double social accounts for work and personal life,wish them to parallel?

Now Multiple Accounts (2Accounts) is created to fulfill your dream! Multiple Accounts Android application is a portable app that enables you to use more than one WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram accounts, on your android device. It allows you to use two accounts of one app with only one phone, while data of your main account and second account are in parallel and separate storage.

With Multiple Accounts you can have more than one Facebook Messenger accounts logged in at the same time on your device. If like me, you have more than one phone number and would like to connect with your friends/family on both numbers on WhatsApp account, you are likely to find Multiple Accounts equally handy.

There is no limit to the number of applications you can add. Meaning you can have a two different accounts logged in at the time on your device for Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp or even your favorite game.

I have prepared a short video for this tutorial on YouTube. But you are welcome to read the text version below.

Install Multiple Accounts App

To get the Multi Account app on your android phone, you go to your Play Store or Google Play app on your phone. Then you go to the search dialog box and type in Multi Account and click on the search button.

After clicking on the Enter button, a set of various apps are being displayed. For example, Multiple Accounts: 2 Accounts, Multiple Accounts: Parallel App, Parallel Space, Multi Accounts, just to mention a few.

For this tutorial I recommend Multiple Accounts: 2 Accounts. Select the Multiple Accounts: 2 Accounts, click on install, after it has been installed then you click open.

Add Accounts – WhatsApp, Messenger, etc

  1. Open your Multiple Account app by locating the application icon on your Android device.
  2. Click on the Add button. After clicking on the Add button it shows a list of all your apps on your phone.
  3. Click on the WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, any other app you wish to have more than one on your phone.

Now you can use more than one WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram on your Android device.

This app can also be used for games. You can also have your favorite games on your phone. There are no changes made in your game account.

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