16 Online Jobs that will Make You Real Money in College

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Are you a college student who is need of extra cash?

Do you know how to use the internet?

Are you skillful and talented?

Not really, you don’t have to be a college student to do these online jobs. Times are rough and everyone can use a couple of extra bulks, especially as a college student. Having been in a college myself, I understand how it feels when you are ‘broke’ and desperately in need of some extra cash.

Fear not though, the internet is to the rescue (sort of, as long as you are willing to spend some valuable time behind your computer screen) with platforms that let you earn real money doing online jobs.

There’s certainly no shortage to choose from; in fact, far too many to choose from, but I have limited my list to 16 online jobs that can fetch you the best value given the investment of time required and not scam.

16 Online Jobs for College Students

First, you don’t have to be a college student to do any of this online job. Mothers at home and part time workers are also welcome.

Second, this is not a straight up path to riches. While some of this platform will earn you quick ‘coffee cash’ in the short term, patience, dedication and a well built portfolio will let you earn even more in the longer term.

Article Writing

Are you someone who loves writing? Article write is one of the most common online jobs since internet came being. You could write up articles on various sites. If you are someone who has a passion for writing and also have a good knowledge on English Language then you can make money through your articles.

If you have a good knowledge on some subject matters such as Education, Politics, Health, Technology. You can write up articles on topics of various subject matters.

Below are some article writing sites :

Online Tutor

Do you have the passion or zeal to teach a set of people? You can do this online. If you  have the required skills needed to teach students, then you can be an online tutor. If you are good in different subjects, you could start online classes. Tutoring college and also high school students.

Do you really have the interest to coach students online? If yes then you need to check out these tutor sites, where you would be paid cash to tutor students online.


A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (“posts”).

When you make money from your own website or blog it is known as blogging. Nowadays, everybody seems to own a blog site, you could also create your own blog site. You need to ensure you have a passion for writing and also good English skills.

You could discuss different issues or topics on you blog site. Blogging means to blog, whereby you share your thoughts, views and also interest online through the internet. You share out your views on what is going on the economy, your idea on some other delicate issues. Many top officials started their career through blogging, where they shared their thoughts and opinions. Also to give solutions on problems.

In your blog you need to ensure that when you write up on issues or problems, you also bring out possible solutions which can resolve the issue or problem.

In order to make money through your blog site, you need to ensure that your write up is unique and also useful to your online users, they can get solutions to problems. When your blog site is useful and unique you would have more visitors on your site.

Topics you can write on your blog site.

  • Publish some little or unknown facts.
  • Write a story.
  • Write inspirational or motivational posts with popular quotes.
  • Software and gadgets.
  • Create a list of things (such as current songs, books, movies, etc.)

Online Typing Jobs

If you are good and fast in typing documents, then you can get an online job which requires your typing skills.

You can be at your home and commence on your online typing. In order to do this ensure you have a good internet connection. Also, there is a requirement of your typing speed, how fast you are when typing. A fast typing speed of at least 30Wpm.

You could go to any online typing job sites. In the online typing job sites, you would be paid genuinely for solving captcha. You could find more details and information on the online typing job sites which would help in generating income for you.

Online Programming Coding Jobs

Coding is the future of America and everyone elsewhere 🙂

Do you love coding? If yes, then you can get an online job. You can be a programmer or web developer for organisations.

Using the HTML and also the CSS you can design your own website. PHP can be used for website development.

In order to improve your skills, you could enroll for HTML, Java, classes. Web coding is something which requires your full concentration and time.

Ensure you keep on making use of your good skills in the developing of websites and also web coding.

If you are fully self-motivated, you would be able to design your websites, ensure not to take off your eyes from your computer screen and also be ready and willing to put in more time and long hours in the web design.

If you do all this, you would definitely get a good result or output. Your website would be created and also you would get users and also people who would want you to design their websites.

If you a Bachelor degree in Java, Photoshop and CSS you could also apply for online jobs. Individuals with a Bachelor degree are also going for extra lessons so as to improve their skills.

Note that you need to know how to work with JavaScript, Photoshop and CSS in the development of your website and they are also the main requirements.

Is not too late to learn coding. There are online libraries such as tutorialspoint or w3school you can learn coding. We have also offered some guidelines on which code to learn first.

Play Game and Earn Money

You can earn money online by playing games. If you are someone who loves playing games, you could go online and play games for game developers. Nowadays, we all play games online. There are sites which pays for playing games.

How do you earn money by playing games online?

Game developers now are looking for people who would play the games which they have developed.They want to test their games, they tend to hire players who would play the games. You play the game, give them your review or report about the game and you get paid.

A list of sites which you can play online games and be paid is listed below

Resume Writer

If you have the skills needed to create a resume, then you can be a resume writer for people who are in need of jobs.

There are people out there who are in search of a job and they need good resumes. Also, students who just graduated and are looking for a job. You could earn money online by writing good resumes which are needed by people who are in search of a job. Check out these sites

Data Entry Clerk

Data Entry job is one of the easiest jobs for college students. It doesn’t require skills or experience.

The job requirement is entering of data for the organisation. All you need to do is enter the data as per the requirement and you would be paid. You can do this job while at as a college student. Check out the various sites where you can apply for Data Entry jobs.

Upload Your Videos on YouTube

Nowadays you get to watch different clips on Youtube. People now go on to Youtube to watch videos on how they get to do various tasks or find solutions to problems they don’t know how to overcome.

You can create your own Youtube channel where you can make money online. You make videos and upload your videos on Youtube.

If you have skills on cooking, dancing, singing, teaching, you could make videos on them and upload on Youtube. For example, if you know how to cook, you could make a video on how to prepare delicacies. If you know how to teach, you can create a tutorial video on different subjects and topics.

Also, if you are skilled in hand crafts like knitting, bead making, sewing, you can make tutorial videos on how to create different kinds of products and designs. Products like Bags, Scarfs, Dresses.

For an individual who has skills on coding or web designing. You can upload video tutorials on how to develop a website, how to install and uninstall applications on your laptop. Also create comedy or prank videos and upload on Youtube.

Freelance Photography

Everywhere you can go now you see people with smartphones, android phones in their hands. These phones possesses different sizes of camera resolutions. People nowadays tend to take picture of wherever they are or what they see.

Do you love taking pictures or want to be a photographer? You can earn money online by posting pictures taken either on your smartphone or your camera.

All you need to do is create an account online and upload your pictures where people would pay when they download  and also buy your pictures.

Here are some sites where you can create an account and upload your pictures.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is an online job, a virtual assistant is a personal assistant. Someone who works for various clients, you can do this job at home and also the hours which are convenient for you. It is involved with secretarial duties and it is done online. Activities involved includes receiving phone calls, arranging business meetings, arranging emails and also setting up events.

You can work for different clients, you don’t need to go to the office you can easily work at home. Apply for virtual assistant on these sites.

  1. Indeed
  2. Elance
  3. HireMyMom
  4. Zirtual
  5. VANetworking


This is a job you can do online as well, it involves you listening and writing. You are to listen to an audio and write out what is being said in the audio. It is a job you can do at home and also at your own time and ensure that you have good listening skills, you need to make sure you listen carefully so you don’t miss any information.

Register on these sites as a transcriptionist

  1. www.transcribe.com
  2. www.upwork.com
  3. www.scribie.com
  4. www.tigerfish.com

Power-point Presentation Designer

As a college student you definitely have had a project where you need to create a powerpoint presentation. You can earn money online by designing powerpoint presentations for organisations or business men and women. There are people who need to create a powerpoint presentation for meetings, seminars, events and they actually need someone who can create a nice design for them.

You need to ensure that you have good skills in powerpoint in order to do this job. You can apply on any freelancer sites.

Sales of Your Crafty Materials

For someone who has extra skills, such as knitting, bead making, sewing, shoemaking, drawing, to mention a few. You can make money online with your crafts. All you need to do is after making them, take a clear picture of them so that people can see the product clearly. After taking a picture of the product you post it online.

To know the price at which you would sell your crafts, make sure you calculate the time spent in the creation of the product. Also, make sure you include the expenses made to buy the materials needed.

You can advertise your products on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, you can also create a web page for your products.

Affiliate Marketing

What do you do in your spare time? How about promoting products, brands, or services in exchange for real cash? If this online job sound interesting, you might as well love affiliate marketing.

This online job involves you writing referrals or promoting products that are sold online. All you need to do is first and foremost sign up or register in any of these companies that sells their products online. After registering, you create a referral or affiliate link for yourself. Whereby, when you write a review or promote a product, your readers can purchase the product through the link you created and you would be paid by the company. For every buyer that purchases products through your referral link, you would be paid.

You can do this job for more than one organisations. You can register on Amazon associate, Jumia affiliate, Upwork.com and any freelancer site.

Other Freelance Online Jobs

I have mentioned a few freelance jobs, there are other freelance jobs you can do apart from the ones I have mentioned above. Other freelance jobs such as designing logos, create your own plug-ins, video editing, audio editing, selling of your books, just to mention a few.

You can look up on any freelancer site and search for other freelance jobs which you can do online.

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