How to Boost PC Wi-Fi Connections and Improve Wi-Fi Range on a Laptop

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Despite the existence of laptops with built-in modems, majority of the laptops we have today rely on wi-fi connections, to gain access to the internet. Being the primary source of internet connectivity, having good wi-fi connections on laptops is very sacrosanct. Poor Wi-fi connections facilitate slow internet surfing, which is something the body wants.

How to boost your WIFI connections on Laptop

In this article, we look at a tutorial on how to boost your WIFI connections on your laptop. Boosting your wifi connection will facilitate faster internet surfing. This tutorial is applicable on laptops running Windows operating systems, and laptops running MAC OS.

Reduce Distance Between Laptop and Router

Due to variance in signal strength, is a widely known fact that bringing your laptop closer to the router, it is a sure way to boosting wifi connections on your laptop. This method works flawlessly, in cases where the router has a short signal range. The closer your laptop is to the router, the better the signal.

Another way you can combat poor signals, as a result of router distance, is by making use of a mesh wifi system. This way, a mini router will be found in all rooms of your home. A mesh wifi system consists of the main router and its nodes. These nodes or satellite module feed from the signal of the main router, they conduct signals better. This way won’t have to bother about the distance of your laptop from the router.

Update Your Router Software

Updating your router software is another method you can employ to tackling poor wifi connections on your laptop. Routers feature a firmware that allows manufacturers to push an update to them, allowing manufacturers to fix bugs that may hinder the proper functioning of these routers. If you reduced the distance of your laptop from the router, and you are still experiencing poor wifi signal, the next step would be to update your router’s firmware.

Update Your Laptop Software

Still on software. After updating the firmware of your laptop, you should also consider updating the drivers of your laptop. Update the drivers that affect the wifi connectivity of your laptop. This can be done through the manufacturers’ website.

Install and External Adapter

Using an old laptop that runs slow on wifi connections? If yes, purchasing an external wifi adapter is very important. The effect of a very powerful wifi adapter won’t be felt on a laptop running an old wireless adapter.

External wifi adapters usually feature a large antenna and make use of updated technologies, designed to improve wifi signals on your outdated laptops. Using these external wifi adapters, you will need to connect them to your laptop via a functioning USB port on your laptop.

Disable the network hogs that run in the background

Another way to boost wifi connections on your laptop is to reduce the apps using the wifi connection. Having many background apps that make use if the connection will hinder hitch free surfing. You are advised to reduce these background apps to boost wifi connection on your laptop.

Check Your Transmission Power Settings

Some network adapters allow users to edit transmission settings, if the setting is available on your network adapter, you are advised to tweak the transmission settings on your network adapter. You can access this setting through the adapter’s driver interface program.

For better wifi signals, your transmission settings should be set to a maximum of 100 percent. Also, your power settings should be removed from the power saving mode.

There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how to boost connections on your laptop. In troubling shooting, the cause of a poor wifi signal, the tips mentioned above will be of immense help. You try each tip until the wifi signal on your laptop improves.

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