Role of Technology in Business Expansion

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Technology plays a very important role in the expansion of a business. Business technology such as social networks, virtual office technology as well as video conferencing helps in removing boundaries at work place that limit business expansion. Technology in business helps in targeting a wider customer base that help an organization grow to higher levels. Therefore, choosing, deploying and managing the information technology which is necessary for business expansion is important. This article provides information on the role of technology in business expansion as explained in the following paragraphs;


The use of technology serves the purpose of opening doors to different types of people globally in the work place together with different perspectives to projects. Diversification is an essential function that a business must have to be able to compete in the global market. Through diversification a business will expand in different ways including;

  • Opening opportunities for the business to expand and operate globally.
  • Bringing people from different countries and cultures – this offers a different perspective to business projects and environment. It gives a wide variety of diverse, creative as well as unique views that helps in growth and expansion of the business.
  • A new approach of business gives the institution a competitive edge which is beneficial for growth and increased sales.

Efficiency in Communication

Effective communication is a basic necessity to achieve business expansion. Technology works to improve communication in the workplace. Business expansion is achieved through;

  • Interactive communication among workers in attending to clients’ needs through phone calls
  • Workers are able to use electronic mails instantly to reply and sell business products without interrupting the recipient
  • Improved communication with business partners using multiple channels of communications is an advantage for the business. This is an assurance that a business will expand at the end.

Information Storage

Safety and accessibility of a company’s information is important. The prospects generated and their use for the company needs to be stored safely and should be accessible to people who need it. This information will be used by;

  • Workers in the office as reference material to sell company’s products
  • Sales people use this information to teach new and existing clients about the business and its products
  •  Other business executives need to use this information even outside regular business hours

Accessibility of business information is very important when it comes to selling its products. So, technology serves a good purpose to ensure this information is safe for future use. Deploying IT systems plays an important role in expanding companies.


The use of technology in a business allows more movement of people. Business partners do not need to meet in one room to discuss essential matters concerning the business. The use of video conferencing has made the operation of business easier in the following ways;

  • It has enabled businesses all over the world to interact with one another.
  • Businesses save time, expenses and space
  • People can set up virtual meetings and distribute data without the need to be in the same room.
  • With technology businesses can establish a global presence at a fraction of the cost.
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