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New Release: Opera 16 Browser Has Been Launched

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The biggest news today is probably the introduction of shared photo album in Facebook. But opera has yet another thing to say in the technology world.

Today, Opera Software ASA has released a new version of Opera browser just a few months after they released version 15.

Opera 16 has better performance and improved support for HTML5 than any previous version of the opera browser. This release is also based on Chromium 29.

Opera twitter update on the 23/08/2013

The new release will introduce some interesting features such as:

Feature of Opera 16 Browser

  • Jump List for Windows: Jump lists are now supported on Windows. Jump lists allow quicker navigation from the task bar, like getting an overview of your Speed Dial. 
  • Support for W3R Geolocation API: The geolocation API lets you share your location with trusted websites. When you visit a location-aware website, like foursquare, the browser will ask you to share your location. If you accept, Opera can tell the website where you are located.
  • Presentation Mode fo MAC: Browse the web with presentation mode to get a full-screen experience. Quick tip: you can go straight to presentation mode by pressing shift+CMD+F
  • Form Filler: Save time with the form filler. Simply input your information in the settings and then use to it to auto-fill forms on the web. 

In  a browser reliability test last week, Mozilla Firefox 23 was flawless. What do you think of the new opera release? You can share your views in the comment section

Download Opera Browser

The latest opera release can be downloaded from their official website.   Download Opera 16 for Windows
Download Opera 16 for Mac

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