Cheap Universities In UK For Masters Degree 2023

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2023 is heralding a fresh academic calendar and new crop of students — undergraduate and postgraduate will flood various international universities. Hence, aspiring students need to stay ahead of the curve by researching universities, academic courses, tuition fees, application deadlines, etc. If you’re at a crossroads, delve into this list of cheap universities in UK for your masters degree programs. This will give you a head start on your postgraduate journey.

The thing is, a postgraduate degree enhances employability. It helps to boost the chances of securing employment in continuously evolving or competitive markets. With tons of advanced courses that sharpen both personal and professional skills, one can become experts and dominate their fields.

Six Cheap Universities In UK Offering Master’s Program

Let’s explore six of the best, cheap universities in UK for your undergrad and masters programs.

Teeside University

Cheap Universities In UK For Masters Degree 2023
The Teeside University

The renowned Teeside University Middlesbrough is one of the prestigious universities in the UK providing quality, affordable education and training to international students, especially Nigerians. With over 800 students from the Sub-Saharan Africa region. And in the last three academic years, a huge fraction of this number came from Nigeria. Teeside is great for Nigerian students seeking to extend their studies in a very affordable way.

This university offer two main types of postgraduate courses — taught courses and research degrees. Complete with over 170 postgraduate degree programs in 28 subject areas.

The postgraduate tuition fee for international applicants into Teeside university is £14,000 per year. Which is less than the amount charged in most foreign universities, particularly in the UK. No application fee is required for Teesside university postgraduate admissions.

University of Central Lancashire Preston

University of Central Lancashire Preston

Another institution on the list of cheap universities in UK to apply for masters degree in 2023 is University of Central Lancashire Preston. The highly eulogized UCLan or Preston is among the finest universities in the North West of the UK. And the UCLan postgraduate courses are even relatively affordable, considering the institution is first-rate.

Postgraduate programs seem daunting, but UCLan help aspirants to excel in their respective future careers and gain relevant skills. With a wide range of advanced subjects ranging from accounting, architecture, engineering, art, business, education, forensic, health, sport, etc.

The current fee for 2022/2023 master’s degree program at UCLan is £14,500, while an indicative cost of £15,500 is expected from all international students seeking postgraduate studies. UCLan tuition fee covers course and course-related activities, access to campus libraries, online resources, virtual learning environment. As well as utilization of technical equipment and other support services for students.

University of Hertfordshire

University of Hertfordshire

Barely 25 minutes north of London, this prominent university is located in the town of Hatfield, the historic county of Hertfordshire. University of Hertfordshire is included in the list of cheap universities in UK for a masters degree. For over seventy decades, the public institution has been elemental in delivering quality education to both home and international students.

When it comes to providing postgraduate students with flexible study environment, business and job connections, alongside decent education, Hertfordshire is in a league of its own, even for a public institution. It ranks among the top echelon of schools in the UK with exclusive learning and research facilities. And a myriad of professional courses are offered at the University of Hertfordshire. From medical, engineering, artificial intelligence, law, computer and cyber security to arts and management. Little wonder the school has been awarded the best school in the UK for creative media and entertainment three consecutive times.

The postgraduate standard fee for new international students at the University of Hertfordshire is £14,750, contingent on inflation. This tuition fee does not cover trips or special equipment, neither does it fund field trips and art supplies. but there is a £500 full payment discount that covers postgraduate lab and classroom-based courses.

University of Brighton

University of Brighton

One of the notable universities in Uk championing affordable postgraduate education. And giving students leeway to change the trajectory of their lives and career with professional courses, particularly medicine and engineering. International students are also granted two years post-study work visa upon successful completion of a masters degree program.

University of Brighton charges full-time International students around £14,300 for 2023/2024 Msc program. Although, the tuition fees vary depending on the courses and is subject to an annual review. But new international students can make tuition fee deposit of £3,000 to the university’s payment portal.

University of Huddersfield

Cheap Universities In UK For Masters Degree 2023
University of Huddersfield

The University of Huddersfield West Yorkshire offers inexpensive postgraduate courses to MSc applicants all over the world. This institution not only provide affordable tuition fees, it is equally dedicated to enhancing careers. Positioning students for acquisition of relevant skill set.

The tuition costs at Huddersfield ranges from £4,500 to £18,000 depending on your course. Prospective students pay consistent tuition fee all through their years of study. Meaning, from the first year of studies till the final year, the fee remain unchanged, considering there’s no break or interruption in studies.

Tuition fees covers lectures, seminars and tutorials, field trips, access to the library, computing facilities and support services. As well as other administrative costs, but does not include cost of books, equipment, printing, living expenses and student visa. Prospective students applying to this university also need to meet the academic and English language entry requirements.

Birmingham City University

The Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University is a prominent university at the heart of UK’s second-largest city Birmingham. This institution is open to international students all over the world, offering students advanced learning. As well as employable skills, industry connections and head start in their respective career paths.

There are over 120 postgraduate and professional development courses with international accreditation at Birmingham University. Including state-of-the-art facilities to aid learning and research. The university’s on-site virtual theater for health students is the first at a university in England.

The institution charges a full time fee of £16,870 for 1 year and full time fee of £18,557 for an 18 months professional placement. These tuition fees are equally subject to annual changes.

And that is the end for this post on list of cheap universities in UK for aspiring masters degree students. Quite a number of Nigerian students lack the wherewithal to foot their academic bills. We took cognizance of this grave limitation and proceeded to remedy it. Check out the next post for a comprehensive list of UK scholarship programs for postgraduate studies.

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