Best Movies On Amazon Prime Video Right Now

Best Movies On Amazon Prime Right Now
Best Movies On Amazon Prime Right Now

Amazon Prime is a streaming service by Amazon that gives users access to a host of premium services with fantastic benefits. One of them is that Amazon Prime provides free 2-day shipping discounts on all eligible items. Aside from that, it allows users access to streaming movies, TV shows, and music once they subscribe, as well as unlimited photo storage. Amazon Prime membership also offer exclusive deals on products sold on Amazon.

The streaming video service offered by Amazon is known as Prime Video, which is accessible through an Amazon Prime membership. This membership provides access to hundreds of movies and TV shows on various devices. To start watching videos on amazon prime, visit or Or download the Prime Video app on your mobile devices from app stores.

Best Movies On Amazon Prime Right Now

How to Use Prime Video

After downloading the app, users can sign in using their Amazon Prime or Prime Video account and browse available content. They can also select a title to watch or choose to download it by tapping the download icon on the video detail page if they are using an iOS or Android device.

Amazon Prime has a diverse selection of streaming content that spans the last eight decades, including some of the most impressive and underrated movies. However, navigating through the vast array of movie titles on the platform can make finding some of the amazing movies a daunting task.

To make matters worse, the titles of these movies may suddenly disappear, only to reappear under a different URL. Users are always striving to keep track of the haphazard compilation of movie titles on Amazon Prime. Yet, despite all these drawbacks, there are still tons of interesting movies on the platform that is worth the hassles. Below are some of the best movies you can stream on Amazon Prime this weekend.

Best Movies On Amazon Prime Right Now

The Amazon Prime Movies List To Stream This Weekend

The Quiet Man – Romantic Comedy (1952)

The Quiet Man is a 1952 romantic comedy film directed by John Ford. It tells the story of a boxer named Sean Thornton who returns to his hometown in Ireland after accidentally killing an opponent in the ring. He hopes to buy his family’s homestead and live in peace, but he runs into trouble when he falls in love with Mary Kate, the fiery sister of a man who has long coveted the property.

Despite Mary Kate’s spirited and independent nature, she ultimately submits to the dominant character of Sean. And their relationship is imbued with a subtle imperialistic undertone due to Sean’s American birth. However, Ford’s artistic sensitivity, empathy for his characters, and attention to detail offset any criticism, and the film presents an idyllic sanctuary of love and community in Ireland constrained by conservative customs.

Vivarium Sci-Fi (2020)

Vivarium is a distinctive science fiction story that follows the journey of Tom and Gemma. Two first-time homeowners played by Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots respectively. The couple’s excitement about buying their dream home turns into a nightmare when they find themselves trapped in a strange neighborhood. This sci-fi movie, directed by Lorcan Finnegan, creates a surreal and haunting atmosphere. As Tom and Gemma discover that starting a family is not just a choice, but an obligation forced upon them by their environment.

The film uses their struggles as a metaphor for a relationship on the brink of collapse. Eisenberg and Poots deliver exceptional performances as a couple struggling to cope with their new reality. What makes Vivarium even more chilling is the way unseen forces manipulate and control the couple, providing for them in an almost inhuman way. Although not as graphic as other horror films, Vivarium’s unique and thought-provoking concept will leave you feeling uneasy and disturbed long after the credits roll.

Sound Of Metal – Drama (2020)

Ruben Stone, played by Riz Ahmed in the film Sound of Metal, faces a difficult challenge from his rehab sponsor. Either sit in complete silence or write about the thoughts running through his mind. This task proves to be particularly daunting for Ruben, a recovering addict, and burgeoning rockstar, as his hearing is rapidly deteriorating.

The film was directed by Darius Marder and delves into Ruben’s struggle with identity following his new disability. The use of sound design and Ahmed’s outstanding lead performance come together to create a captivating viewing experience. Ruben’s girlfriend and bandmate, Lou (Olivia Cooke), accompanies him on their travels in a Winnebago as they perform with their metal band BLackgammon. However, when Ruben’s hearing suddenly disappears, he fears for his sobriety. And seeks out an audiologist, who informs him that his hearing loss is quite advanced. To help him come to terms with his new reality, Lou encourages Ruben to attend a community retreat for the deaf, where he must navigate his conflicting emotions between embracing his new life and longing for his old one.

13 Assassins Action (2010)

13 Assassins is a 2010 remake of the 1963 movie of the same name. This grim samurai movie was directed by Takashi Miike, a famous Japanese director. The movie takes place during the Edo period in 1844 Japan and centers around Lord Naritsugu. Naritsugu is a ruthless and power-hungry ruler causing untold chaos and destruction. In an effort to stop him from rising to power and further destroying the country, Shinzaemon, a skilled samurai, is tasked with gathering a team of assassins.

The group of assassins, consisting of thirteen men, each bring their different skills to the table. Together, they embark on a perilous journey to ambush Lord Naritsugu and his army while they travel through a remote mountain pass.
Tensions rise as the battle between the assassins and Lord Naritsugu’s troops results in an intense, bloody showdown.

Before Midnight – Romantic Drama (2013)

Before Midnight is the third installment in the American romantic drama movie series “Before.” The 3 movies were directed by Richard Linklater and starred Ethan Hawke (Jesse) and Julie Delpy (Celine).

Before Midnight takes place nine years after the events of the second movie. Jesse and Celine are now a middle-aged couple living in Paris with their twin daughters. Jesse is a well-known writer, having gained fame from two of his autobiographical novels which were both based on his experiences with Celine.

Celine, on the other hand, is contemplating a government job due to the public’s hostile perception of wind turbines. The family decides to take a much-needed vacation at a writer’s retreat in Greece run by Patrick, an ex-pat author. While there, they explore the beautiful countryside and ancient ruins, discussing their lives and relationships. The couple even manages to sneak away for a romantic night at a hotel, leaving their children in good hands.

However, Jesse’s complicated relationship with his teenage son from his first marriage, Hank, threatens to disrupt their peaceful existence. Despite this, Jesse’s writing has taken a new direction, and he is now working on a project exploring the lives of individuals with brain disorders who live in a world that lacks cause and effect. This departure from his previous romantic themes reflects Jesse’s appreciation for living in the moment, which is something he shares with Celine.

House of Gucci – Crime Drama (2021)

The House of Gucci is a gripping biographical drama that chronicles the legendary rise and catastrophic fall of the Gucci family, an iconic Italian fashion dynasty. The movie centers on Patrizia Reggiani, a fierce and assertive young woman from humble beginnings, portrayed masterfully by Lady Gaga, who enters the Gucci family through marriage and becomes entangled in their complex web of power struggles. Her husband, Maurizio Gucci, the charming and enigmatic heir to the empire, played flawlessly by Adam Driver, faces opposition from his traditional and snobbish father Rodolfo, who disapproves of Patrizia’s lack of cultural refinement.

With the support of her uncle Aldo, portrayed brilliantly by Al Pacino, Patrizia manipulates her way into the family business, and she and Maurizio gradually drift apart. The film spans three decades, capturing the family’s tumultuous journey, rife with betrayal, infighting, and ultimately, murder. Through it all, the movie offers a searing and incisive critique of the dark side of the fashion industry, driven by greed, power, and excess.

Licorice Pizza – Comedy Drama (2021)

Licorice Pizza is a 2021 American comedy-drama movie written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. The movie follows a 15 year old teen actor, Gary Valentine (Cooper Hoffman), who falls deeply in love with a young woman, Alana Kane (Alana Haim) older than him by 10 years.

Gary and Alana’s paths cross while Alana works as an assistant to the school photographer. Upon meeting Alana, Gary boldly declares his love for her and also voices his intention to marry her someday.

Alana, who aspires to become an actress, agrees to accompany Gary to a New York TV special as his chaperone but ultimately falls for Gary’s co-star, Lance. What follows is Gary and Alana’s relationship as they navigate the complexities of growing up, chasing their dreams, and dealing with the challenges that come their way.

  • There you have it, some of the best movies on Amazon Prime Video to watch this weekend. From heartwarming love stories, horror, action, and adventure, to hilarious dating mishaps, enjoy a compilation of the best old and new series, movies, and documentaries. Check out the best movies on Netflix to stream this weekend. As well as the best Netflix series of 2023.

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