Wednesday Netflix Series – Season 1 Review

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It is gory. It’s grotesque. It’s the Wednesday Netflix series!.

We’re no strangers to the Addams family’s black comedy movies. Famed for its gothic scenes and macabre storylines. American cartoonist Charles Addams first created the fictional story in 1938. Ever since, it’s been through countless reimaginations as TV series, movies, and video games. The recreations have equally received widespread critical acclaim. However, this recent edition seems to be a blockbuster.

Wednesday Netflix Series hit the screens on 23rd November 2022. Following its release, the series was a smash. It garnered over a billion views from more than 150 million households in the first few weeks, making it the second Most Popular English-language series on Netflix.

What Is The New Show Wednesday About?

Drawing inspiration from American writer Edgar Allan Poe, who was known for his works of horror, the Netflix series centers on Wednesday, a very bizarre and gothic child. Wednesday is the daughter of Gomez and Morticia Adams.

American actress Jenna ‎Ortega bodied her lead role in the series as Wednesday so well it is other-worldly. All through the first installment of the Wednesday franchise, Ortega wears sooty pigtails braids, and an even darker aura.


She’s spooky, quick-witted, talented, and wears a perpetually hostile expression. Her hatred for bright colors, affection, and happy sentiments are palpable. An ideal Maleficent meets Cruella De Vil, only in this case, Wednesday is fiercely protective of her family.

Her morbid interests, psychic power, and dark sense of humor manage to keep all eight episodes of the first season interesting. After getting expelled from a ‘normie’ school for seeking retribution, her parents banish her to Nevermore Academy. A dark boarding school for outcasts, freaks, and monsters.

There, she desperately tries to flee and repeatedly fails, courtesy of the shapeshifting Nevermore Academy principal Miss Larissa Weems. A number of other factors equally hamper her escape. In the end, Wednesday decides to stay back at Nevermore, after uncovering a mystery about her obliteration of the academy.

Meanwhile, her presence upsets a few people in the school as well as those in the town of Jericho, outside the school. Unknown people and forces want her dead and despite the troubling encounters, she resorts to finding the people who want her dead and ending them. Yet, every time she comes within a hair’s breadth of uncovering the truth and solving the mystery, someone tries to outsmart her. Her unstable psychic visions and inability to piece the real from the unreal gradually make her believe that she’s losing her mind.

Will There Be A Season 2 Of Wednesday Netflix Series?

Fans of the fictional Addams story have nothing but extreme contempt (praises) for the series and are half-crazed with anticipation for the next installment. They’ve given their curse (blessings) for director Tim Burton to get rolling on season 2 of the Wednesday Netflix Series.

Will there be a second installment of the Wednesday Netflix Series? We’re yet to find out. Although there are rumors that there will be a continuing season. The ending of the series equally suggests that the series will have a continuation. We hope that season 2 hits our screens sooner.

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