Want To Download A YouTube Video? Here’s How To Do It

Want To Download YouTube Video? Here's How To Do It
Want To Download YouTube Video? Here's How To Do It

Want to download a YouTube video safely on your device but can’t? Check out these easy methods and steps to download that YouTube video for free.

Since its inception in 2005, YouTube has grown into one of the most in-demand streaming platforms on the web. Daily providing creators, businesses, and organizations a platform to showcase content to a huge audience. The platform boasts a staggering 2 billion active users monthly. And because one of YouTube’s primary benefits is its wide reach, a lot of people can upload their videos to the platform and potentially reach millions of people worldwide. This has greatly enabled millions of people to gain exposure, build their brands and businesses, and increase their followers

YouTube has not only provided creators with a platform to express themselves creatively without the limitations of traditional media, but it has made it easy for them to earn money from their content through YouTube monetization. Additionally, it has facilitated the development of communities where different people can collaborate, share knowledge, grow their skills, and support one another.

However, YouTube’s ads and campaigns can be quite challenging. We are aware that creators, businesses, and brands need to make money off YouTube via ads, but most times, these ads can be frustrating. You can’t watch a single clip without dozens of ads and popups interrupting your streaming time. And we get it, saving these videos to watch at your convenience would have been the ideal option if it weren’t for youtube’s stringent policies. Downloading videos from YouTube is deliberately made difficult by YouTube to protect the rights of copyright owners. While there are YouTube ad blockers to remove these ads, nothing beats having the videos saved on your devices for later.

Why can’t I download YouTube videos?

How To Download Any YouTube Video In 2023

If YouTube is cool and all that, why can’t users download videos on their phones, Macs, or PCs?. There are several reasons people find it difficult to download videos from YouTube. According to YouTube’s terms of service, users are prohibited from downloading videos from YouTube using third-party apps. Also, without a YouTube Premium membership subscription, it’s a colossal problem streaming videos on the platform. Then to top it off, when the download isn’t available to users, they can only watch the videos, but not download them for later. Sad right? But the good news is, there is a way around it and we call it a free downloader for Youtube.

How To Download Any YouTube Video In 2023

YouTube Video Downloader

It’s simple, visit the app store(either Google Play store or Apple App store) to download your preferred free downloader app. In most cases, you might not easily download a free downloader on the app stores. This is due to Google and Apple’s policies that prohibit the download of videos illegally, especially from YouTube. In this situation, the best bet is to install the app from an alternative source—by sideloading.

To sideload a free downloader for YouTube, ensure to perform a background check on the app and its developers and scrutinize it for signs of malicious threats. Proceed to trusted sites that store APKs and install the app. Other options for installing a free downloader app without an app store include rooting (for android) and jailbreaking (for iOS). Note that Google and Apple protect your devices from cybersecurity attacks and choosing to install third-party applications from unknown sources puts your device at risk.

Once the download or installation is complete, go to the YouTube web browser and search for the video you want to download. Copy the URL of the video and paste it into your installed free downloader app for YouTube. Choose the quality and resolution of the video, then click the download button.

Use Desktop Software To Download

To get the highest quality version of that YouTube video you wish to download, utilize third-party software.
To do this simply requires copying and pasting the YouTube video URL into the software of your choice. The software then searches and retrieves the best available version of the video.

For high-definition videos in 1080p format, the software generally downloads an MP4 file, meanwhile, for 4K or 8K videos, the file format is usually MKV. Before now, FLV files were common downloads for Flash-based YouTube videos, but they may be difficult to playback. MP4 files, on the other hand, are widely compatible with different devices and platforms.

MKV is a container format, meaning it can contain video content that employs various codecs. To ensure seamless playback of all MKV files, the VLC Media Player is a reliable option available for Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. For downloading videos, various software options are available, and VLC Media Player is a free and recommended choice.

VLC Media Player To Download YouTube Video

VLC media player is one of the most popular open-source media players and streaming software that is compatible across different operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. One of its main features is the ability to download a YouTube video. Although the download process on VLC can be a bit tricky. As most people encounter some issues while trying to download YouTube videos. In the eventuality that you experience difficulties while using VLC, it’s advised to perform a full re-install of the VLC player software and clear your device cache to resolve the problem.

Now, to download a YouTube video using VLC, first, copy the URL of the video you want to download. Then, open VLC and navigate to the Media menu and select Open Network Stream (or Ctrl+N). Paste the URL copied into the field and click Play. Once the video begins playing, go to Tools > Codec Information. At the bottom of the window, you’ll find a box labeled “Source” that contains a temporary URL. Copy this URL and paste it into your browser’s address bar to play the video. To download the video, click the download option in your browser’s menu or right-click the video and select Save Video As.

VLC only saves the downloaded YouTube video in 1080p resolution, it doesn’t matter if the original YouTube video was available in higher resolutions like 1440p or 2160p (4K). Also, it’s important to note that VLC isn’t capable of converting videos to other formats. So if you need these features, you’ll have to use different desktop software.

4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader (4KVD) is a reliable and frequently updated software that allows users to easily download videos up to 8K in quality from streaming platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook. The software has a simple interface that allows users to copy and paste a YouTube URL to initiate the download process.

One of the best features of 4KVD is its ability to collect subtitles, entire playlists, and all videos from subscribed channels. While the sites supported are limited to major platforms, this should be sufficient for most users. The free version of the software displays a large banner advertisement and is limited to 30 downloads per day.

4KVD also has a Smart Mode that allows one-click downloads in your preferred format. If you need to download more than 30 videos per day or subscribe to YouTube channels for instant downloads, you will need to upgrade to the paid version.

The program can also extract audio to MP3 format, eliminating the need for additional software. However, if you prefer a separate YouTube to MP3 converter, the price is the same as 4KVD. Overall, the 4K Video Downloader is a reliable and user-friendly software for downloading high-quality videos from major websites.

VideoProc Converter

The VideoProc software is an all-in-one tool available in two editions – the editor and the converter, which provides users with advanced editing features, effects, and an efficient downloader capable of handling downloads in 4K quality from over 1,000 platforms, such as YouTube and TikTok. With hardware acceleration, VideoProc assures users of a fast and reliable video processing experience.

To use VideoProc to download YouTube videos, the software needs to scan your hardware to be able to determine acceleration options to enhance processing speed. Users can then click on the Downloader button, add as many URLs as they want, and download the videos in batches or choose to download an entire YouTube playlist or live stream.


If you’re looking for how to download your favorite videos from streaming platforms in 2023, then check out FlixGrab Video Downloader. This software is the ultimate solution for all video downloading needs. With FlixGrab Video Downloader, you can easily download short or full-length movies, TV shows, documentaries, comedy skits, tutorials, and lots of other video content from streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, HBO, Instagram, Twitter, and of course, YouTube.

FlixGrab Video Downloader is equally packed with several cool features and also delivers a user-friendly interface that makes it super easy to use.

Here’s how to quickly use FlixGrab for youtube downloads. Simply open the FlixGrab app on your device, find the video or movie you want to download, and copy the URL. Then, paste the URL into the “Paste” section of the app, and choose the video quality or resolution that you want. Then click the “Download” button. After that, the download should begin immediately. It’s that easy.


5KPlayer is a video downloader that offers much more than any average video downloader. It boasts an impressive integrated downloader while also promising users a safe and ad-free experience. However, registration is required to access the full range of download options for over 300 streaming platforms. Except for YouTube, registration is not required for downloading 4K videos from YouTube.

When downloading, the 5KPlayer program attempts to simplify the entire download process by only showing a few download options, but users can access more options by clicking on the gear icon. And then click the Show All button. 5KPlayer also supports DLNA server playback and AirPlay for quick playback to Apple devices. Videos in the library can be easily converted to MP4, MP3, or ACC.

Despite these features, 5KPlayer has a very confusing interface and slow download speeds, which may be a drawback for some users. Also, the player may experience buffering issues when playing back large 4K files. While there are certainly many positives to 5KPlayer, it may not be the best option for those seeking a user-friendly and efficient downloading experience.

Browser Extensions To Download YouTube Video

Using browser extensions can be a convenient way to save time, but downloading videos from YouTube may present some challenges. Especially if you rely on Chrome as your primary browser. The Chrome Web Store, which is the primary source for Chrome extensions, is overseen by Alphabet/Google, the parent company of YouTube.

Despite having extensions designed for downloading videos from YouTube, the Chrome Store’s regulations prohibit direct downloads from the site. Generally, Chrome extensions cannot download videos that use RTMP protocol or are streaming videos, including those on YouTube. Nonetheless, extensions can still be used on other video hosting websites.

Video Download Helper Sites

Video DownloadHelper is widely recognized as one of the top browser extensions for downloading media files across Firefox, Google Chrome, and Edge. It seamlessly works with the majority of websites that you frequent. And provides a fast and stress-free method for preserving your desired video content. In addition, Video DownloadHelper extends its capabilities to include video encoding and other related functions.

If you would like to avoid the hassle of installing software to download YouTube videos, then, you can use video-download helper sites and they’ll do the work for you. The basic function of these helper sites is to parse a YouTube URL and offer you a selection of download sizes. As well as providing a link to the download once you’ve made your choice.

These sites are compatible with all platforms and can even work on mobile devices without requiring installation. While it may take longer to download a video depending on its size and quality, the convenience cannot be beaten. However, the drawback is that you cannot always trust these sites. There are hundreds of such sites in existence, and many may become suspicious or untrustworthy. Particularly if they gain popularity and the owner decides to profit from your visits.

That’s it for how to download youtube videos on a laptop, Mac, or phone. Those who love surfing the net or streaming tons of videos without restriction will love this compilation of free downloaders for YouTube. As well as the best YouTube ad blockers in 2023.

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