Best AI Copywriting Tools For 2023

best AI copywriting tools

In terms of generative AI, tons of artificial intelligence tools for copywriting, programming, visual arts, etc, are becoming more mainstream. Most notably, copywriting tools. Writing can be arduous; it takes a lot of effort and time to develop high-quality written content. And creating persuasive copy, especially for marketing or advertising is even more challenging. This prompts most copywriters to switch to more labor-saving alternatives—utilizing some of the best AI copywriting tools to generate and optimize copy.

Several disruptive AI tools and frameworks for business, entertainment, or educational purposes have come to light in recent years. In 2022 alone, plenty of startups pushed into the market remarkable AI tools for art generation that made waves, numerical computation, voice generation, and content development. Ever since the emergence of these artificial intelligence tools in the public eye, it’s been a rollercoaster of thoughts and opinions.

At first, these tools were met with high demands, and positive reviews, but at some point came skepticism. One of the major concerns that stirred controversies was AI taking over jobs. Of course, there were fears of estrangement, which social media is doing a fantastic job at—alienating folks from people around them. There were also predictions of inconsistency as these were, after all, just machines. And machines have limitations.

Nevertheless, these uncertainties do not deter individuals, companies, investors, and marketers from plugging into some of these groundbreaking technology tools. Such as artificial intelligence copywriting software. In fact, because of how time efficient most of these AI copywriting tools are, their utilization is rather high. Especially among young creators. It saves them time and energy by delivering content faster. Before progressing to the best AI copywriting tools, we’ll examine how AI copywriting tools work.

What Is AI Copywriting and How Does It Work?

AI copywriting is the generation of written content using artificial intelligence tools. Machines designed to think like humans and copy human actions use natural language processing and machine learning to develop promotional content. Such as blog posts, articles, ads, social media posts, emails, web pages, etc, that are optimized to reach a target audience. AI copywriting essentially eliminates the hassles Copywriters face while crafting and optimizing content. As such, streamlining the entire process of increasing brand recognition and driving sales.

How to use AI for copywriting?. Like any other machine out there, if you input a set of precise data into AI copywriting tools, these tools generate the desired content you need. Depending on the tool, the amount of specific background information you provide determines the kind of direct copy you receive.

Can AI Replace Human Copywriters?

Best AI Copywriting Tools For 2023

First, what does a Copywriter do? Brainstorm, develop, analyze and write marketing and advertising copies targeted at convincing specific audiences to take action. Either to increase engagement with the target audience or to boost sales and visibility. It can be difficult to research and develop content that is optimized to rank on search engines regularly. Most human Copywriters aren’t versatile enough to write copious texts consistently for different brands, and this is where AI copywriting comes to play.

AI copywriting tools are lightning-fast and have been designed to generate extensive content on diverse topics. In a split second, an AI copywriter can produce a full article that ordinarily would have taken days for a human Copywriter to craft. And because these AI copywriting tools are developed with machine learning algorithms, they learn and perform better by using these algorithms to detect patterns. They analyze the data and draw insights from them to make meaningful predictions.

While AI copywriting cannot entirely replace human Copywriters, it is an efficient tool for crafting clear-cut copy in a short time frame. Copywriting is mostly targeted at compelling people and will always require human Copywriters to deeply understand various subject areas. We cannot equally neglect the fine distinction between human Copywriters and AI copywriting tools based on emotionally connecting with the target audience. To also prevent repetitious content, human Copywriters are still needed to edit and proofread.

10 Best AI Copywriting Tools

Let’s check out some of the best AI copywriting tools that have not only become popular but have penetrated the content creation market.


An easy-to-use, all-in-one writing platform with great SEO content for blogs, emails, ads, landing pages, product descriptions, testimonials, reviews, etc. It employs the two most popular copywriting formulas; AIDA and PAS. The PAS acronym stands for Problem, Agitation, and Solution, while AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, and Desire.

There are over 40 writing templates available to Copywriters in 30 different languages. What’s more, Rytr is equipped with an interface that offers a rich text editor; that enriches text and allows users to reword or shorten sentences. And possesses an in-built plagiarism checker to nuance your copy. can develop a 1,000-word count in 15 mins tops.

Also, Rytr AI is available as a browser extension with excellent features to manage SEO, grammar, collaborative projects, etc. The Copywriting AI tool offers 3 plans—Free, Saver, and Unlimited plan. With the free plan, users can generate as many as 10,000 characters a month, in 30 languages, using 20 writing tones. As well as access to Rytr’s built-in plagiarism checker and 40 writing templates. Users can equally create up to 5 images per month with Rytr AI. Accessing more features requires upgrading to the other plans.

For the Rytr saver plan, users get to develop 100,000 characters every month, in 30 different languages, using 40 writing templates. There’s also a plagiarism checker, 20 writing tones, access to generate 20 images, and free rein to create custom use cases. All for $9 per month with 2 months of free access to the saver plan when users subscribe for a full year.

The unlimited plan allows Copywriters to generate unlimited content, in 30 different unique languages. It also grants automatic access to 40 writing templates, 20 tones, a plagiarism checker, up to 100 images, and an account manager. Aside from these, Copywriters have access to the premium community, priority emails, support, and free will to make custom use cases. It costs about $29 per month and users get 2 months free when they subscribe to a yearly plan.


This powerful copywriting software is considered the best AI writing tool that caters to creators across several niches. Including bloggers, social media managers, and marketers. Copywriters can utilize well over 100 writing templates and 25 languages in CopyAI, to create blog posts, product descriptions, social media content, or ad copy. Along with some excellent features and regular learning resources to aid the navigation of the platform by its users.

CopyAI offers both freemium and premium plans. The free plan is a 7-day free trial with an auto-renewable monthly limit of 2,000 words. Users can enjoy unlimited word count along with extensive features once they upgrade to the premium plan which costs about $49 per month.


Copywriters who have difficulty optimizing their copy will find Neuraltext AI very handy. It’s a keyword research tool, an SEO content tool, and an AI copywriter that enables users to create effective copy for marketing and advertising. It has over 50 writing templates for Facebook ads, taglines, newsletter emails, landing pages, blog writing, etc.

This SEO software saves the stress of researching keywords, and competitors and also optimizes content for search engines. As well as an outline builder to organize and analyze SERP(search engine results page). Neuraltext is capable of doing this by using the data from pages ranking on Google. When users input a keyword, the tool automatically displays the top 20 results on the Google Search result page. Going as far as suggesting relevant keywords and topics, questions to answer, and other statistics.

Although it comes at a price. Neuraltext Starter Plan costs $19 monthly and only 1 user can access it. You can also write and develop 5 articles with a 20,000-word limit per month. Including 2,000 keyword suggestions to optimize your content.


Another great AI tool to create unique content that ranks on SERPs, write blog articles, craft stories, ramp up ad conversions, and generate copy for marketing products, etc is Jasper AI. social media posts, website copy, 

Widely recognized as the best copywriting tool, Jasper integrates with Surfer SEO, Grammarly, and Copyscape to detect plagiarism and optimize content for search engines. it comes with a host of impressive features for a free five-day trial that requires credit card information before users can access the free trial.

Jasper can generate a 1,500-word piece in less than 15 minutes in over 26 languages. Some of Jasper AI’s cool features include 11,000 free fonts, 50 writing templates, 2,500 writing styles, etc.

The Jasper AI copywriting tool offers a starter plan for beginner Copywriters, boss mode, and business plans. With the starter plan, over 10 users can create a maximum of 320,000 words of short-form content like product descriptions. With $40 every month, users also have access to about 50 writing templates and 20 languages. While the boss mode plan enables users to generate a maximum of 10,000,000 words every month for just $82. Including access to Google docs style editor, support chat, and other customized features


Wordtune is an AI copywriting tool designed mostly for editing long-form and short-form content. It’s aimed at assisting content marketers in crafting, rewriting, and shortening their copy. It’s available as a Chrome extension and works well with Google Docs, Gmail, Slack, Facebook, Twitter, Web Outlook, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp Web, etc. The tool also comes with lots of other features such as offline functionality; all you need to do is subscribe to the premium plan.


What differentiates this AI copywriting tool from the rest is that instead of using a third-generation Generative Pre-trained Transformer(GPT-3), it uses a custom-made machine-learning model. ClosersCopy has glowing reviews all over the internet from assisting Copywriters in generating clear-cut sales copy, promotional content, ads, cold emails, blog posts, etc.

The AI tool has over 700 use case frameworks, 120+ languages, and a built-in text editor that is ideal for extensive collaborative work. Users can also increase organic traffic from search engines to your websites with CloserCopy SEO audits and an SEO planner. It’s not free as users need to pay for any of the 3 plans the tool offers, ranging from $49.99 per month.


As far as AI content creation is concerned, Copysmith is one of the best tools available for marketing copy, and eCommerce product descriptions, and to assist organizations in scaling their businesses. It helps to generate, optimize, and organize campaigns, bulk content, blog posts, articles, etc, in over 65 languages.

The best part is that it comes equipped with an in-built plagiarism checker and translator. It’s easy and quick to translate written content from one language to another and can receive feedback from team members on the copy generated. Copysmith offers about 30 writing templates, that lets users create content around the product-centric topic. Alongside integration with various marketing tools such as HootSuite, Zapier, etc. There’s also a 7-day free trial with a pricing plan that starts at $19 per month.


Another very popular AI copywriting tool among Copywriters is Anyword. It is targeted at generating short-form promotional content that drives engagement and sales. The Anyword tool offers several advanced functionalities like SMS content writing and predictive copy performance. It also delivers data analytics options for content writers and marketers which is only available for paid users. However, the hiccup in this tool is the inability to generate long-form content.


Linkedin folks will take to this powerful AI writing software that offers a host of amazing features for writers, eCommerce stores, marketing teams, and entrepreneurs. Available in 24 languages with over 50 templates to generate content such as emails, Google ads, and landing page copy. Writesonic is one of the popular AI article generators.

Copywriters can create a minimum of 2,500 compelling copies every month, free of errors. With the aid of Writesonic’s built-in grammar and plagiarism checker. The Writesonic AI equally offers new users a maximum of 6,250 free words monthly, but other features can be accessed with the paid plans. Which starts at $10 per month.


AI-Writer is an efficient writing software for content writers and marketers to boost their content marketing strategy more cost-effectively. From article drafts, rewording, search engine optimization(SEO), and editing, to trending topic suggestions. AI-Writer is one of the best AI content writing tools in the market in 2023. It’s equipped with intelligent algorithms that focus on generating content for specific audiences. To streamline content generation, copywriting, etc.


Those who need a tool that analyzes data to make meaningful predictions and well-informed decisions should consider Wordsmith. Which is the best AI copywriting tool for data experts?.

Automated Insights is a business intelligence company and the brains behind Wordsmith AI. It works by utilizing AI to process and analyze data input, then returns easy-to-use narratives such as summaries, headlines, and articles for various companies.

Although it’s not clear if Wordsmith operates a freemium or Premium plan, users need to request a free demo to find out.

Other copywriting alternatives include Writecream, Frase, Simplified, Article Forge, etc.

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