Do women really need lipstick guns for safety?

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She is a mother, she is a sister, she is a wife, she is an entrepreneur, she is a caretaker, she is a professional, she is a boss. Whatever the case, women are unique and special beings due to what they represent and the role they play in the society that has ensured peace, stability, and the progress of homes, nations globally.

However, the abuse on women never stops. The focus has been on violence such as napping, physical attacks, dangerous stalking or harassment, and sexual abuse which has been on the rise despite police patrol, despite surveillance cameras, despite the laws against the act.

In fact, the National Sexual Violence Report Center established that, “majority of female victims of completed or attempted rape first experienced such victimization early in life, with 81.3% (nearly 20.8 million victims) reporting that it first occurred prior to age 25.”

While this exposes the danger that lots of women face at early age or at any stage of life, the statistics also reviews that, there is a need to take measures to protect women from such violence. To this end, Lipstick stun gun, cell phone stun gun, smack key-chain stun gun is an invention for self-defense for women who feel the need to have it, use it, and get to safety.

The Lipstick Stun Gun

Lipstick Stun Gun

The lipstick stun guns are made in the shape of a lipstick-like tube. It is not an actual gun per say but a device that act “as a deterrent and, then, shock.” When in use, the lipstick and other Stun guns “can disable an attacker temporarily a non-lethal, high-voltage electric shock” said Women on Guard.

Because, it looks like a lipstick, it means you can carry it anywhere everywhere and you can even recharge it when the power runs low. Disguised as a lipstick and relatively low ($30 USA dollars), it is alleged can help women for self-defense.

Cell Phone Stun Gun

Cell Phone Stun Gun

This design is made like cell phones but again they are not actual guns and they are not cell phones either. The idea is to disguise that you carry a weapon like device with you. This particular Stun gun “has the highest voltage” more than others and it is easy to carry around.

The Razor Stun Gun

Razor Stun Gun

 This particular design takes the shape of a car key especially for the safety of women that gets napped while trying to drive or while packing their cars or anything related to isolated environment. the device has a “built-in 130dB alarm and a light” to alert others that you are in danger should self-defense fails.

A key chain Stun Gun

Key Chain Stun Gun

This design is also made like a car key. The device has “22 million Volts and can be concealed in the palm of your hand, purse or pocket.” Basically, the Stun Gun shape can be anything in the future but the idea is to keep it simple, less expensive and easy to carry in disguise.

The question is, do women really need it, does it really serve the purpose of self-defense like it should, or can rather put the woman in more danger via her resistance.

Women on guard reassure that, the product has been reviewed by many buyers and that man or woman, “personal security is important to everyone” and “the best self-defense product is their Stun Guns.”

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