Download Connectify Hotspot PRO v3.7.1.25486 Full Version – Free

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If you are searching for older versions of Connectify Hotspot PRO, I bet you have a good reason for that and if you are thinking what I am thinking, then, you are at the right place: This file contains the full version of Connectify Hotspot PRO in .iso format. After downloading, simply extract its content with winrar before running ConnectifyHotspotInstaller.exe.

What will Connectify do for me?

Connectify Hotspot PRO converts your PC into a hotspot. Allowing you to share internet from your PC to other devices and PCs through WIFI.
Some of the features of this program include:

  • Custom Hotspot Name
  • Secured Hotspot
  • Sharing Mode
  • Firewall

You have full control over your wireless network all the time, so you will know exactly who is connected to your server. Among its advanced features, Connectify enables you to explore shared resources from the devices that are paired with your system.   DOWNLOAD CONNECTFY

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