How to Configure Wi-Fi Hotspot on Samsung, Xiaomi, Infinix Smartphones & Android Devices

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If you don’t have a home internet access, your best bet is to use your Android smartphone to distribute your cellular Internet connection to your other devices. Using our guidelines provided in video, picture gallery and text format you can learn how to configure Wi-Fi hotspot in an Android smartphone.

WiFi hotspot enables users with WiFi supported devices to tether internet connection across other devices. Although, there are few security concerns using Wi-Fi but with the right techniques and common-sense you can learn how to configure Wi-Fi hotspot and share internet from your Samsung, Tecno and Infinix smartphone to your PC or other mobile devices.

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Why Android?

Browsers Usage in Nigeria
Top 9 Mobile Browsers in Nigeria (Jan – Oct 2014)

Smartphone usage statistics from Jan-Oct 2014 shows that Android OS is winning the smartphone war in Nigeria. Infinix, Tecno and Samsung smartphones are at the very top of the food chain in Android smartphone usage among Nigerians.

How to use and Configure Wi-Fi Hotspot in Samsung, Tecno & Infinix Smartphones

Since most internet users [in Nigeria] access the internet from the mobile data, it makes sense for Android users to get acquainted with the inbuilt portable hotspot facility that comes pre-installed in most Android devices.

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Be it on Huawei Y6 Prime 2019, Samsung Galaxy S10+, Infinix Zero 5 or any Android smartphone out there, these guide is ready to get you started with portable hotspot on your device.

Click on any of the formats listed above to access this tutorial in that format.

How to use and configure Wi-fi on Samsung, Teno, Infinix and other Android smart phone?

Configure Wi-fi hotspot on Samsung Smartphone
Configure Wi-Fi hotspot on Samsung Galaxy S8

Time needed: 2 minutes

Follow this step to step guide to learn how to configure Wi-Fi Hotspot on your Samsung, Tecno, Infinix and any other Android smartphone.

  1. Go to your Android phone’s settings

    From the Home screen, tap the Application screens icon > Find and tap Settings.

    On newer versions of Android, you can simply pull down Android control panel and click on the gear icon.

  2. Wireless & networks settings

    From your Settings screen, locate Wireless & Networks block and tap Tethering & Portable Hotspot. If you can’t find Tethering & portable hotspot on your settings home screen, tap More > Tethering and portable hotspot.

    On some version of Android, you can hold the upper screen of your Infinix smartphone or Tecno smartphone and scroll down. Turn “On” hotspot from the menu. You will see a notification requesting you to touch to configure hotspot, just touch the notification.Wireless & networks settings

  3. Configure Wi-Fi Hotspot

    From the Tethering & portable hotspot screen, tap Wi-Fi hotspot and select Set up Wi-Fi hotspot. Here you can set your WIFI’s SSID and security.
    SSID Wi-Fi Hotspot Setting on Infinix Smartphones

The SSID or Network Name is the name of your Wi-Fi connection. Change the name to any name of your choice, the default name is usually “AndroidAp”

You can change the security option, to any of your choice, such as, “Open” which allows any WI-fi enabled device to connect to your smartphone without requesting for a password. While WPA PSK and WPA2 PSK allows you to put your preferred password.

Using Portable Wi-Fi hotspot on Android Smartphones

Once you’re done, subscribe to an Internet plan for your smartphone, turn on your mobile data and hotspot. If you are in Qatar, Vodafone offers some of the most flexible data plans in Qatar. Glo Ghana data and Glo Nigeria data are more prominent in Ghana and Nigeria respectively.

Turn on Wi-Fi Hotspot on Infinix Smartphones

Your WIFI hotspot is now functional and can be used on basically every Android device that support WiFi connection including, Honor 8X, Infinix Diamond, Tecno Camon 11 Pro, Xiaomi Redmi Go, Tecno phantom and on any PC that has a WiFi adapter.

Turn on your Infinix WLAN hotspot and your laptop WLAN and search for available networks and connect. That’s all you need to configure your WLAN Hotspot and start using your Infinix smartphone to power your laptops and smartphones WLAN, up to multiple devices simultaneously

Make sure you are applying this common-sense Wi-Fi tips to protect your devices against Wi-Fi ‘virus’ and other malicious attacks. After you’re done, all you have to do is turn off the hotspot.

Data plans for PC Users

If you going to use your mobile data on your PC be ready to re-adjust your monthly data budget. Luckily, network providers in Nigeria and Ghana has improved their data offers in recent years.

What are the best mobile data plans in Nigeria?

In the last few years, network providers in Nigeria have undertaken a revolution in upgrading their data plans. Glo has upgraded. MTN has upgraded. And Airtel was last to arrive at the party – all featuring data plans with a bandwidth of 12GB – 48GB at giveaway prices.

I’m in Ghana, are there affordable data plans?

Glo Mobile Ghana offers the most affordable data in Ghana. Indeed, the tech giant has launched various revolutionary data bundles, including Glo Unlimited Data 24/7 Pack, for instance, which gives you unlimited data and voice call for a whole month.

How do I subscribe to Vodafone Qatar internet package?

Here is a list of Vodafone Qatar internet pack activation and deactivation codes. We have selected all the offers in place and grouped them into daily, weekly and monthly plans.

This picture walk-through guides you on how you can set up Wi-Fi hotspot on your Android smartphone using infinix example.

Click on the images to expand and use the arrow keys to browse.

The same techniques will work on all Android devices. Using your mobile data on PC is obviously going to be more costly than Internet to the home bills, you may consider this data subscription plans to make an informed decision.

Video Guide on How to Use and Configure Wi-Fi Hotspot on Android Smartphones

The video demonstration is recorded on Infinix Zero 4 smartphone, but the same procedure is used to configure Wi-Fi hotspot on any Android device.

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