Grammarly To Launch Generative AI Tool For Writing

Grammarly to launch AI tool GrammarlyGo Photo Credit:
Grammarly to launch AI tool GrammarlyGo Photo Credit:

Grammarly announces the launch of its first-ever generative artificial intelligence feature to streamline writing.

In 2009, Ukrainian billionaires Max Lytvyn and Alex Shevchenko saw the need to facilitate written communication for people, businesses, and companies. To do this, they collaborated with Dmytro Lider, a programmer and a joint founder of Grammarly Inc.. The three of them proceeded to establish the Grammarly writing assistant. Which has helped millions of people maximize their writing potential since its inception till date.

Grammarly is a writing assistant that has been revolutionizing written communication for over a decade. By implementing a blend of cutting-edge technologies, to provide helpful suggestions to writers. Leveraging the expertise of Grammarly’s competent team of software engineers, scientists, analysts, and linguists, Grammarly’s algorithm is fine-tuned with input from millions of grammatically correct sentences and user experiences. The tool works on well over 500,000 applications, websites, software, emails, and even word processors.

To take the powerful and extensively used Grammarly writing assistant to the next level, Grammarly Inc. is incorporating Open AI’s remarkable technologies into their own existing technologies. A consolidation that seeks to improve writing by a mile. Back in 2021, Grammarly Inc. raised $200 million in funding from their new investors which was to be used for investments in AI technology. This new and innovative GrammarlyGo feature was born from that investment.

What We Know So Far About GrammarlyGo Tool From Grammarly

Grammarly to launch AI tool GrammarlyGo
Credit: Grammarly

GrammarlyGO is a novel functionality that leverages the power of AI technology to deliver real-time writing assistance capabilities. Among its numerous functionalities, the AI writing assistant promises to effectively enhance written content’s tone, transparency, and conciseness. Based on pre-defined prompts, GrammarlyGo can facilitate the ideation process of writing for individuals and organizations alike.

The innovative software application also employs context-sensitive writing recommendations, which help to reflect the distinctive writing voice and style of each GrammarlyGo user. It equally vows to deliver lightning-fast written communication across several platforms. And generates thoughtful email replies that accurately reflect the content of the email.

Additionally, the tool works beyond helping people with various writing tasks. It harnesses generative AI technology to brainstorm with users; generating ideas and solutions when there’s writer’s block. Overall, the tool seems pretty impressive, although Grammarly is yet to launch it.

GrammarlyGo is set to launch in beta mode in April 2023 and will be exclusively available to customers. Grammarly is also extending an invitation to Software Developers who have an interest in utilizing the GrammarlyGO tool.

The Developers can apply for beta access through the Grammarly Text Editor SDK. Which is a software development kit built for Developers to incorporate into web or desktop applications. This further sets GrammarlyGO apart, positioning it as a special tool.

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