5 Simple Ways to Achieve U.S Visa Interview

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If you have ever been rejected a U.S visa maybe once, or twice or you are planning to visit the U.S and will likely need to get a visa from the USA embassy then you might want to consider getting acquainted with these Five simple ways of achieving a successful visa interview.

1) Dressing

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Dress well and properly

The embassy is an official place meaning that, your dressing style should at least have a formal look in-between. This formal look should reflect the kind of visa that you are applying for.

If you have a visa appointment at the U.S embassy, your dressing matters. Choose what you wear wisely because at the U.S embassy, an interviewer can see everyone up in line before the interview and clothes sometimes can reveal your personality if or not you are the kind of person to be allowed into their country.

Don’t forget to wear perfume

It is one thing to look good and another thing to smell good. If an interviewer can’t withstand an unpleasant smell, they are prone to discharge you quickly with less questions which wouldn’t give you the opportunity to prove why you worth a visa.

2) Greetings

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Greetings work like magic

Greetings are very important in our daily lives as human beings because, greetings depict courtesy, and respect for one another. greetings can create a good impression, establish a good rapport for any conversation.

At the U.S embassy, most interviewers are used to greeting people first like “welcome sir/Ma’am” or, “good day sir/Ma’am” depending on the time of the interview. The best way is to greet the interviewer first. That gives the impression that you know what you are doing, you know why you are here. Such greetings can relieve your tension and prepare you to answer questions.

3) Sincerity towards the purpose of travel

The U.S embassy is very kin with the purpose of travel. In fact, this is the main reason why applicants are called for interview. Determining the truth from applicants about the purpose of their travel to the U.S is the hardest job for most interviewers at the U.S embassy.

The reason most people get rejected for visa even though they are been sincere about the purpose of their travel is because, most interviewers from their previous experience of interviewing applicants have gathered some data about when an applicant is lying and what they do when they lie etc. To change that perception, you need to be acquainted with the purpose of your travel and your response should show some level of confidence about why you should be granted the visa.

Finally, if you have a relative in U.S, please do not lie that you don’t.

4) Face contact / face to face communication

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When you are at the U.S embassy, you might want to drop your cultural norms for example, in some culture, respect is shown when one doesn’t look other people face to face in a conversation.

After exchanging greetings with the interviewer, the next thing is to always look the interviewer face to face at all times. This proves to the interviewer that; an applicant is aware that they are at the embassy for an interview and they are giving respect to the interview and the interviewer.

5) Be a good listener

When you are in front of the interviewer at the U.S embassy, always pay attention to questions before answering. Paying attention to the question will lead to a good answer but of course sometimes, an applicant can be tensed and stutter. It is okay to be tensed, the interviewers know when you are been sincere yet you are tensed because its your first time.

The best way to calm down is to pay attention to the question, digest it before giving an answer. If you don’t understand the question don’t be scared to ask the interviewer to repeat (you won’t be penalized).

In a nutshell, the best way to achieve a successful visa interview at the U.S embassy is to dress well, exchange greetings, be sincere about your purpose of travel, always look the interviewer face to face, and listen attentively to the interviewer.

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