Recover Lost Partition with EaseUS Data Recovery Tool

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“Recover lost partition” isn’t exactly the latest catchphrase these days. We’re living in times where data loss and system disasters are about as rare as a unicorn sighting.

This positive trend (or not so positive for companies in the business of data recovery) can be attributed to the widespread availability of multiple cloud storage solutions for both PC and mobile users.

Although creating backups remains the most reliable method to prevent data loss, the use of data recovery software becomes invaluable for retrieving files that were not backed up to the cloud.

Moreover, for more severe situations such as damaged systems or HDD partitions, tools like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard offer effective recovery solutions.

  EaseUS Data Recovery Tool Capabilities

Lost Partition Recovery

Now a days, the problems that we have while saving our data in our devices is that it might get a virus and all of our data is lost. So, many of the software kings worked on creating a better and easy recovery software. In the software world, data recovery is a system or software by which you can easily get you deleted, or you can also filter your corrupted data.

The data is mostly retained by recovering the devices that have info or your precious data in it. The devices are hard drives, SD cards, Magnetic tapes, CDs, DVDs, and many others. It was introduced because most of the time the operating system failed which causes lots of problem to the user. Also, malfunction of a storage device also leads to some other work in this field.

By going through all the problems that humans face to recover their deleted data, we have thought it wise to introduced EaseUS: an App that’s used to get your deleted files again from your SD card, Hard disk, and other devices.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a free data recovery software that helps you get your accidentally deleted files from Windows PC, Mac OS X machines and Mobile devices. It can recover lost partitions in just a few clicks.

Most commonly used feature of this software is the one used in androids and IOS. With the advancement of technology, we prefer to use mobile phones much more than other devices. That’s why the software is installed on mobile phones frequently.

Why is EaseUS Data Recovery Software unique?

Because it has an SD card recovery function which makes the life of its user very simple and easy. Another important feature of EaseUS is that it can be used for all kind of platforms. Also, it supports major file formats. You can use this software free or also by paying for it. In other words, it works on a Freemium model.

Steps to Recover Lost Partition with EaseUS Data Recovery Tool

  1. First of all, you’d need to buy or download the software from their official URL. Without it, you cannot get your information back. If you have any doubt about it, you can go for a free trial and check it right there.
  2. This software takes care of your security. People are usually very sensitive about their data or information saved in the various devices. So next step is to use the license code that’s sent to your email.
  3. The important part is to know how this software will work. For getting your results, you need to connect the device you are thinking of recovering to your PC.
  4. Check the files which you want to recover and then click on the recover button. This is the unique part because you need to choose carefully which files you want to recover because there are some cases where people recover viruses by mistake too. Make a new folder for the recovered files.
  5. For partition recovery, you’d need use the advanced option and allow the software to run comprehensively. Once completed, you can go from the preview, and then choose the files you’d like to recover. That’s all.

Wrap Up:

That’s all that’s needed to recover your lost files, damaged partition and/or accidentally deleted files with EaseUS Data Recovery suite.  Still need a help with getting back your deleted files? Please do let us know about it in comments.

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