Add Google Location Map to your Website or Blog

Welcome, today I want to show you how you can add a gogle map to your blog or website. I am going to try and keep this tutorial very short and simple, however, if you have any question do not hesitate to use our blog comment section.

To fully understand the features of this widget, I recommend you view the demo page of this widget.


This widget is built in a frame and does not take users away from your site. It help your visitors find direction from their location to a specified city, country, continent or any other existing location in the planet.

This widget has two versions; the satelight version of the widget display the satelight view of google map while the map version display the map view of google map.

 How to install the map widget?

Simple copy any of the codes below and paste it where you want the map to display. If you are a blogger or wordpress user simple add a new htm/javascript or custom html widget and paste the code below inside the widget and click save.

Google Map Codes:

Map Version

Satelight Version


Just change Nigeria to your country

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