How to Run Windows Network Diagnostics

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The presence of a yellow exclamation mark on your windows connectivity icon means just one thing, your network connection has issues. As simple as resolving it may sound, there may be some occasions where resolving such network issues becomes very difficult. This is where the Network Diagnostics tool comes into play. The network diagnostic helps windows users troubleshoot network problems, and also provides solutions to fixing them. In this article, we explore a tutorial on how to run Windows Network Diagnostics. 

 The windows diagnostics tool is a highly recommended tool, in troubleshooting fixing the network problem. It is very effective in fixing DNS problems and also helping users find the cause of network termination. 

The procedures for using the Windows Network diagnostics tool is a very easy and straight forward. These steps are listed below. 

1. Click the start button on your keyboard, and type ”fix network” in the search box provided. 

2. From the list of search results provided, click ” Find and fix networking and connection problems “

How to Run Windows Network Diagnostics

3. In the Network diagnostics window, click on the advanced option and run the program as an administrator. There is an option to apply repairs automatically here, you tick it if you want repairs to be applied automatically. 

How to Run Windows Network Diagnostics

4. Choose the type of connection you want to diagnose for troubleshooting and click on the next. here windows will try to locate the network connectivity problem. 

detecting problems

Note: Once the problem has been detected by the windows network diagnostics tool, you have the options of solving the problem yourself, contacting Microsoft online support, to get the problem solved remotely or restoring your windows machine to its default settings. You can also seek the help of a local technician, to help you fix the network problem. 

There you have it – a complete and comprehensive tutorial on how to run Windows Network Diagnostics. if you have other questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. 

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