How to Borrow Credit from Ghana Service Providers & Payback Later – Spend Wisely!

Often, you have heard people tell you, ‘talk is cheap’, and you begin to wonder just how much you have spent on voice calls in the last decade. Here in Ghana, talking and just talking is part of our day to day affairs. Every now and then, we have been cut short in the middle of having a conversation on the phone. You can’t complain, you simply find the nearest kiosk, purchase a credit and continue talking from where you left off.

What if your car broke down in the middle of no-where? Your airtime balance is reading GH¢0.0, you have used your last Pesewas to say farewell to the girl you dropped off? This is where you need to borrow airtime.

The ‘borrow credit’ service in Ghana allows you to take a small loan (in form of airtime) from your network providers and pay back later. With this service, you are guaranteed to never be stranded again as long as you have your cell phone and network coverage in your location.

Borrow Credit from Ghana Service Providers

Even though this offer seems irresistible, the down side is that most network providers like MTN and Vodafone takes back their loan instantly on your next recharge – with Airtel and Tigo, you will need to dial a number to pay back your loan.

Vodafone SOS Credit

Get credit when you need it the most through Vodafone Ghana SOS Credit. Borrow credit when you have less than GHc 1 and pay back the next time you top up. You must be a Vodafone Ghana user for more than 15 days before you can access this service.

It’s simple! Just dial *505# to borrow credit. You can borrow GHc 2, GHc 5, GHc 10 and GHc 15. A service charge of 10% of the requested credit is charged as commission.

MTN Xtra Time

Borrow MTN Airtime Credit and Pay Later

MTN Xtra Time is a service that allows MTN customers to borrow and use an overdraft amount based on the their spend and the no. of years on MTN. To borrow more talk time on MTN Ghana, dial *506# and select your option.  

Glo Borrow Credit

To borrow credit on the Glo Ghana network, simply dial *5321# and select Borrow Credit. Select the amount you want to borrow and send.

Airtel Borrow Me

Dial  *130#. A service fee will also be charged on the amount you borrow. You can track your usage of the borrowed credits by dialing *130*10#.  

Borrow Credit from TIGO

Dial *188# or call 188 and follow the voice prompt to receive airtime to pay later upon recharge. Remember you need to pay for your previous loan before requesting a new one!

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