Smartphones Infographic: How smart has it made you?

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Half a century ago people are quite content with wearing analogue watches, playing cards and penning down notes. Post offices and analogue cameras, was doing great as well. Today people pay $335 to put a computer around their wrist. Board and ‘card’ games has long been replaced by more advance console video games, penning down and sending mails are now done on smartphones and even more strangely, people, now wear computers in place of glasses.

Smartphones now comes in all shapes and sizes.

The modern generation is very reliant on technology and computing to perform daily activities. This is to be expected as there is a sense of urgency associated with our present dispensation. However, smartphones usage is not dominated by business, finance, health or other categories you might expect. The leading category is the gaming category. Every now and then, someone has their face buried in their smartphone, no doubt, playing some of the most terrifying Android horror games in darkness. Indeed, smart devices are made, so we can become dull.

Smartphones And Mobile App Usage – Infographic

Smart phones has come to stay, the use of applications are evolving, companies can choose to adapt or suffer the fate of Nimbuzz. Just how far can mobile computing go? The answer will depend on what you make of it.

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What really makes these devices functional and so useful is the fact that several apps can be downloaded on them. These mobile apps are available through different app stores depending on the operating system of your mobile computer.

Some examples of these apps stores are Apple store, Google Play Store, Windows marketplace etc.  Below is an infographics by Xcubelabs that will show us, how people use their smartphone on daily basis.

Smartphone And Mobile App Usage Infographic
Smartphone And Mobile App Usage Infographic [Image credit: Xcubeslabs ]

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Smartphones play a lot of roles in your day-to-day life affair. I think most people simply prefer to relax to play a couple of games at the end of a hectic day. So going back to my initial question; I think smartphones has indeed made us smarter.

Feel free to argue, though. The comment section is open to everyone.

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