How Nimbuzz Lost to Whatsapp and BBM in the IM Battle

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How Nimbuzz Lost to Whatsapp and BBM in the IM Battle

As a college school boy in 2007, I always use Nimbuzz on my Nokia 8080 Java Phone to keep in touch with my classmates. It was quite handy as it was the only reliable way to have a live chat with my friends & contacts on Facebook and Gtalk respectively, send instant messages to my phonebook contacts and update my twitter status from my mobile phone.

Nimbuzz is a free mobile & PC social networking application that lets you connect and exchange instant messages with your phonebook contacts on Nimbuzz. The application also let you connect your accounts on various Instant messengers (IM) such as Gtalk, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL, Skype, etc. Including Facebook IM and Twitter live update. Later in 2012, free voice call was introduced to the application. The service lets you make free voice call worldwide to your Nimbuzz contacts through your mobile phone.

Even in the days of Nokia Sybiam series, Nimbuzz was at its climax, introducing voice call over 3G, file sharing and other exciting features. For an application that got downloaded by over 10 million users on GetJar app store in 2009 Nimbuzz seems to have depreciated from gloss to gross, prompting us to wonder what really happened to place such a glowing candle under the bushel.

The BBM idea was working quite perfectly in 2010/2011. Despite its single platform limitation as of that time, people find it very convenient and easy to exchange instant message through a pre-installed app on their BlackBerry device rather than downloading a third party application.

While Nimbuzz battles with voice call over 3G, Whastsapp will seize the opportunity to explore other platforms that BBM could not cover. Introducing file sharing and voice messenger, the application became the favorite for Android and iOS users, pulling of some users from Blackberry as well.  The application has over 9 million downloads on the Android platform alone and almost a double figure across other platforms.

The major reason behind the success of Whatsapp was its cross-platform availability and easy to use interface, a feature which was not available on Nimbuzz untill recently. On the other hand BBM was integrated into Blackberry, with over 15 Million phones sold out by RIM in 2011, Nimbuzz unsurprisingly, was crushed under this IM giants.

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