Panasonic Set a New Pace for Film Shooting with HC-MDH2

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Remember when television was the exclusive preserve of  a select  few?  When no one really cared about  picture quality, but those who has  access   to    movies on television were simply thankful to behold the wonders of motion  picture? Well, those days are gone now.

The average person now cares  as  much for the quality of a video as he does for the quality of a movie plot. Panasonic knows that. That’s why it recently  introduced its latest camcorder product to widen the gap in film shooting and photography with the pro-style shoulder mounted HD camcorder HC-MDH2. The camcorder is equipped with the “Simultaneous Recording” function, the camcorder allows recording on dual memory devices simultaneously.

Panasonic’s new HC-MDH2 with greater advanced shooting performance, design and operability enables photographers to shoot still Photo’s at 20 Megapixel resolution and videos in Full High Definition or in Standard Definition format. The direct manual control Of   focus, Zoom, Iris, White Balance and Shutter Speed, via the manual ring, are incorporated based on user needs to have control over varying shooting conditions. “Simultaneous Recording” in Dual Memory Devices for Added Dependability:

With the Simultaneous recording function, a captured video can be recorded in dual memory devices at the same time, which means that even if a problem happens in one device while shooting, the video images are always backed up in the other device. This ensures high dependability. Relay Recording is also supported, making the camcorders effective for extended recordings.

Automatically correcting the tilting of captured images to make them horizontally level for ease of viewing -The tilting angle to the horizontal plane is automatically detected and corrected while the camcorder is stationary.

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