Robots to be Deployed in Hospitals to help Coronavirus Patients

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In an effort to fight off the global pandemic “covid-19“, Kochi-based Asimov Robotics, a company working under maker village of Kerala start-up mission has unveiled their innovative robots which are to be deployed in hospitals to provide assistant to the elderly, disable, and the sick people especially the Covid-19 patients in isolation wards.

Asimov Robotics claim that, “doctors, nurses and healthcare workers are unable to provide care during disease outbreaks without the risk of getting infected by the quarantined patience. Thus, the aim of the innovation is to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 by providing robots to care for the covid-19 patients inside the isolation wards.

Sayabot design


The Sayabot is a care-giving robot. The robot has a face and gesture recognition as well as an autonomous navigation capability which allows it to simply navigates in indoor areas.

What makes this particular robot unique is the presence of an NLP (Natural Language Processing) which allows the robot to intelligently converse with humans through voice and text. The robot has a Dexterous arms and hands that allows the robot to make a human-like gestures and interactions.

Unfortunately, the Sayabot design was considered too big to fit in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), thus may hinders healthcare workers during busy hours. Alternatively, “Karmi-bot” design was created.

“Karmi-bot” design


This robot design is small, easy to handle, has light weight, has autonomous remote control, has detachable container with self-disinfection facility of used items, self-charging, can video stream as well as video conference.

The robot is designed with “a tray that can carry both food and medicines and an automatic disinfectant sprayer for cleaning the floor.” The bot can take food and medicines of about 25 kg for 5 patient beds.

Asimov robotics also added that, their robotic innovation will not only cover the healthcare but “has a wide array of capabilities that makes it work in airports, hotels, education and training or any human environment.”

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