Submit your Websites to Search Engines for Free (Oxwall, WordPress, Joomla, Etc)

The inrtoduction of internet to the modern age has really made this age a real “information and technology age”. An age where someone can simply find answers to most problem without lifting a foot.

Since answers do not show up without being asked search engines plays major role in every person who is searching for answers on the internet hence putting webmasters and bloggers alike in good position to provide those answers.

Fortunately for this generation, hundreds of websites are been added to the web everyday, making it difficult for search engines to locate and index all this pages in a short period of time. However, you can help the three major search engines locate and index your website quicker by following the links below.




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Ebenezer Obasi

Senior executive editor at EwtNet
A web developer, IT graduate, terrible entrepreneur and a man of a few other incongruous talents, Ebenezer has been programming and writing on technology since 2012, and plans to do so until a few days before his ultimate fate: cryogenic preservation. If resurrected, he is likely to go back to his old habits.

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  • hello please I am having problems with my sitemap. I have it in my cpanel file manger but I can’t access it and google also cant for some reason

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